Mimesis: A Symphony of Horror Post Production Complete

Mimesis is an independent Horror production released in 2011. The film pays homage to the classic film, zombies in particular. For the theme co-writer, Doug Schulze and Joshua Wagner did a clever play with the character. Each role had a name based on George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Schulze also served as director. According to IMDb, Mimesis had a budget of $500,000.

Fast-forward to the present. Schulze is back as director and Co-Writer. This time Schulze will be bringing A concord of carnage. Production is now complete to the Mimesis sequel. Instead of using a numeric system the sequel has the title; Mimesis A Symphony of Horror. Joining the production is Jeff Meyers, serving as Co-Writer. From the title, there seems to be a music element added to this Horror film. Its also hinted that Vampires will be the central concept. 

Much like the first version Schulze will pay homage to Horror films of yesteryear. For the cast,

Mandalynn Carlson

Calhoun Koenig

Julie Kline

Nick Sarelli

Connor Alexander

Bryana Dorfman

Allen Maldonado and Crystal Lucas-Perry star and are on board as executive producers.

DecayMag.com Joseph Scott Anthony Mimesis A Symphony of HorrorActor Joseph Scott Anthony also stars in Mimesis A Symphony of Horror. Anthony portrays Prof. Frederick Kinski, a vengeful, washed-up Broadway theater director. Prof. Kinski teaches at a prep school where students are open to questionable acts. Whatever this describes is a mystery. A trailer will shed some light on this part of the narrative.

Mimesis A Symphony of Horror does not have a trailer and/or accompanying production stills. As news develops these media features will become available. Schulze’s latest film is slated for a 2017 release. This information needs confirmation as it is based on the latest update on IMDb.

Stay tuned to DecayMag for more information on Schulze’s latest film as it develops.

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