Monsters in the Woods Gets Re-release

Monsters in the Woods, Directors Cut Film Details Jason Horton Monsters in the Woods

Director: Jason Horton
Writer: Jason Horton
Release Date: October 4th and 2017
Release Format: Video on Demand (October) and DVD / Blu-Ray (2017)
MPAA Rating: n/a
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 1h 36min

A micro-budget movie crew treks into the wilderness to shoot horror scenes for their unsellable indie-drama. They soon find themselves in the midst of their own real horror movie, as they are hunted by a large group of creatures.

Monsters in the Woods first released in 2012. Four years later Horton released a Director’s Cut version. The film will be made available via Amazon Instant. This recut is rebranded as A Director’s Cut The re-release will feature never before seen footage. Jason Horton Monsters in the Woods

Jason Horton is set to re-release his indie feature to showcase his true vision of the film. The concept for Horton’s film delves on a creature feature premise. As with most of these film incarnations, viewers will expect a story of survival. Horton’s film revolves around an unsuspecting group of individuals and their combat against a terrifying species.

A Director’s Cut: Monsters in the Woods finds a film production embark on a low budget film. Within the depths of the forest, the group encounters sinister beings. Expect to see blood, gore nd good visual effects! Jason Horton Monsters in the Woods

Released on the 4th of October 2016, A Director’s Cut: Monsters in the Woods is now available on Amazon Prime.

“It’ll never be 100% the movie I set out to make, but this is the closest to that we’ll ever see.”

Jason Horton, Director, Writer Monsters in the Woods

For more information visit A Director’s Cut: Monsters in the Woods Facebook fan page


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