Never Open The Door, On Blu-Ray, DVD, and HD Digital

Never Open the Door Film Details DecayMag Premier Award

Director: Vito Trabucco

Writer: Vito Trabucco, Christopher Maltauro

Release Date: December 6, 2016

Release Format: (Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital)

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Sci-Fi

Running Time: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes


Three happy couples retreat to a cozy secluded cabin in the woods to enjoy Thanksgiving. A badly wounded stranger appears at the door, and when they let him in, he throws up blood and collapses on the floor.

As he dies, he points towards the lovers and croaks his final words: “Never open the door”. The dumbfounded group of friends start to panic as one of their own inexplicably disappears. Doubt rises by the minute and mistrust soaks through the cabin.

As strange men surround the cabin, escape becomes paramount. Who will open the door?


Never Open The Door is nearing it’s debut release on Blu-Ray, DVD, and HD Digital. The Sci-Fi film first released in 2014. Never Open The Door pays homage to The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Vito Trabucco directed and co-wrote the film and Christopher Maltauro serves as co-writer. Maltauro Entertainment in association with Baumant Entertainment announced the release.

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DecayMag Premier AwardNever Open The Door centers around three couples at an isolated cabin in the woods. The gathering is in celebration of Thanksgiving.  Their happy reunion will soon interrupt by a set of mysterious events.

This unfortunate event turns into a nightmare for the group as they fight to survive the night. A group of psychotic predators torments them. The science fiction element come in the form of mind-controlling powers. The victims become possessed and turn on one another.

Trabucco’s Never Open The Door is groundbreaking into Horror cinema. It plays in black and white and parallel to a Crime Noir. It has the trappings of a Supernatural with the unexplainable events that occur.

Never Open The Door will release nationwide on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital on December 6, 2016.