Nick Sanford Unveils “The Harvesters”

Nick Sanford’s Crowdfunding to launch next week Monday! "The Harvesters"The Harvesters, is a horror film currently in development. The project is the next creation by Oklahoma based indie filmmaker Nick Sanford. Late last year we featured an article on “The Harvesters”. Summarized were details about the film and the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Today, we’re featuring an update to the”The Harvesters” film. Although details remain scarce a video surfaced on YouTube today. The video features the opening scene to the film and runs under three minutes in length. Much like a teaser or trailer, the scene serves as a promotional tool to foster public interest. Obtaining financial support is as necessary obstacle for indie developed productions. Absent are the big investors, big budgets and high end resources. These benefits only live in major movie productions. Independent filmmakers have only to rely on public support to execute ambitions and visions.

“The Harvesters” will be filmed locally in the sate of Oklahoma. The synopsis to this Horror, Thriller is as follows:

On Halloween in Baileyville, Oklahoma, a journalist who prides herself on objective reporting discovers that she is trapped in the middle of a series of horrifying murders and disappearances. When the terror intensifies and a countdown begins, the people closest to Jane are put in danger and her journalistic stance on “not becoming the story” is put to the ultimate test.

Stay tuned to for further information on Nick Sanford’s “The Harvesters”. We’ll be posting details on the crowdfunding campaign once it becomes available. You may  follow the production itself via the Official social media links posted below.

“The Harvesters” Social Network

Official Facebook
Official Twitter


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