“Night of the Slasher” A Comedy and Horror

“Night of the Slasher” is a short film written and directed by Shant Hamassian that delves in the Slasher Horror sub-genre. The fact that it was filmed in a “one take” format is not what makes this film truly unique. Take a moment to review the synopsis to the film,  “Night of the Slasher” to gain a better understanding on the concept. 

A teenage girl must commit horror movie sins such as drink alcohol, do drugs, and have sex to lure a killer and finish him off.

“Night of the Slasher” pokes fun at the Slasher films by utilizing every cliché ever featured within the decaymag.com Night of the Slasher popular horror sub-genre. Protagonist, Jenelle portrayed by Lily Berlina even pays a comical homage to the typical buxom blonde typically seen in Slasher films. The masked killer comically bears resemblance to the
“Star Trek” character, Spock. Clearly, the design is to mirror the idea used in the “Halloween” movie franchise in which a William Shatner mask was retrofitted for the character, The Shape aka Micheal Myers. 

Jeanelle having previously endured a traumatic experience at the hands of the masked serial killer setsatrap for the assailant. In order to ensnare the killer Jeanelle goes down the list of common horror movie”sins” such as drink alcohol, do drugs, and have sex.

In over ten minutes of running time, director Shant Hamassian spins a twine of suspense, humor,  sexiness, and of course horror. Shant Hamassian had previously stated that the short film, “Night of the Slasher” is a segment for a script that he intends to produce as a full feature length film. 

According to the “Night of the Slasher” website the film is currently screening in seventy-seven horror film festivals and also garnered four awards for best short film. “Night of the Slasher” stars; Scott JavoreAdam LesarDavid Swann and Eve Constance


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