Ninth Passenger, The. Filming begins for Thriller

Ninth Passenger film details:

Director: Ian Plaff

Corey Large

Steve M. Albert

Richard Janes

Chad Krowchuk 

Nicholas Maggio

Release Date: TBA
Release Format: TBA
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Synopsis: No official synopsis released

Principal photography began for Ian Plaff’s Horror, Thriller The Ninth Passenger. The film is also Plaff’s feature-length directorial debut. Shot on location in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. While an official synopsis is pending a summary to The Ninth Passenger centers on

a group of college students on a spontaneous midnight sea voyage that turns to horror when they drift to a dark island and are hunted by a mysterious ninth passenger.

The Ninth Passenger is the latest production from 308 Enterprises. Corey Large co-wrote the film and also serves as producer and stars. Many Horror will recognize Large’s previous work as a producer and executive producer to such films as Poker Night (2014), It Follows (2014), Zomberavers (2014).

“I am excited to be back in my hometown of Vancouver….”

“….This is the first of several productions 308 plans on bringing here. With this first rate cast, a stellar script and the fantastic locations, we are confident this will be a film audiences will enjoy.”

Producer, Actor, Writer Corey Large of 308 Enterprises

More information on The Ninth Passenger will be made available in the weeks and months to come. Please stay tuned to for  the latest on Ian Plaff’s Horror and feature film debut.


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