Occupation, Initial Information to Luke Sparke’s Next Production

OccupationFilm Details DecayMag.com Luke Sparke  occupation

Director: Luke Sparke

Writer: Luke Sparke

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: TBA

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi


Occupation follows a group of small town residents who have to band together after a devastating ground invasion. As they struggle to survive, they realize they must stay one step ahead of their attackers, and work together for a chance to strike back


Occupation is set to commence principal photography in May. The Action Sci-Fi is the next directorial release from Luke Sparke. He also pens the script Produced by SparkeFilms and Carly Imrie of Red Billabong.

Film Mode Entertainment by Clay Epstein will handle international sales. First-look footage will be released in May in Cannes. Pinnacle Films will release the film in Australia and New Zealand.

The cast includes

Temuera Morrison (Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones)

Dan Ewing (Red Billabong)

Stephany Jacobsen (Battlestar Galactica)

Rhiannon Fish (The 100)

Charles Terrier (Neighbours)

Bruce Spence (MadMax)

Roy Billing (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Felix Williamson (The Great Gatsby)

Charles Measure (Boogeyman)

Zachary Garred (General Hospital)

Izzy Stevens (Underbelly)

Trystan Go (The Family Law)

Jacqueline McKenzie (Deep Blue Sea)

There’s not much information for Sparke’s film. Yet, based on the synopsis, which mentions a ground invasion, one can speculate a few things. The Invasion theme usually center on aliens, zombies, or some type of hostile force. There are also home invasions, which centers around serial killers and murderers.

Occult will be the second film directed by Luke Sparke. Sparke’s debut film Red Billabong released in 2016 and became a hit on the indie Horror scene. The trailer for Red Billabong was very intense in itself. A Creature Feature that would makes it one of the best concept in recent years.

More information on Occupation will be coming shortly. Stay tuned.


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