Ouija Sequel Will Concept Succeed This Time Around?

Ouija: Origin Of Evil Film Details

Director: Mike Flanagan DecayMag.com Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard Ouija: Origin of Evil

Writer: Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard

Release Date: 21 October 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Cinemas 

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller


Sequel to the 2014 horror film ”Ouija”.


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Trailer Summary:

DecayMag.com Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard Ouija: Origin of EvilThe trailer beings with a young girl standing before a mirror. She places the planchette over one eye and looks through it. This is a familiar sight, isn’t it? Used in Stiles White 2014 “Ouija” it is safe to assume that this gesture to be a new iconic Horror trademark.  It is either that or the scene is a blatant salute to the Illuminati. The latter is mere jest, or is it?

A consequence occurs as a result of this young girl’s curiosity with the paranormal. Upon closer inspection. Within the next frame, there’s nothing in association with the supernatural. An entity clad in what appears to be leather-like skin manifests behind the little girl. Features although hidden in shadow resembles a gas mask.

Here’s where things get perplexing. The girl screams in fright. Her cry silenced when the entity shoves it’s hand within her mouth. The young girl arched herself backward, her eyes clouded in a milky haze. She is not under demonic possession. This is symbolism to sexual trauma and it is clear.  Is this a supernatural Horror film? Present here is BDSM imagery with pedophiliac overtones.  Art is subjectable and open for interpretation. Yet, it is hard to ignore the evidence presented in the opening seconds to the “Ouija: Origin Of Evil” trailer.

A reference to the plot outline manifests with the scenes that follow. The Zander family make a living DecayMag.com Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard Ouija: Origin of Evilswindling their clientele.  The service this family offer is the business of communicating with the dead. The Séance is a staged hoax yet business is good.

A happy tune plays in the background. The melody compliments the era. It also serves to balance the scene montage surrounding The Zander family.

Within closing of the first minute of the trailer, the second component of the plot reveals.  With the introduction to The Ouija board and its use comes a set of serious consequences. Here’s where the conventional supernatural Horror begins to shine.

The once refined young girl now become a vessel of evil. Her powers include mind control, creeping people out and climbs walls. Let’s not forget the elasticity of her lower jaw. This will come in handy for the consumption of large sized cheeseburgers.

The film follows the standard good versus evil playbook. We have the victims, a caucasian family. The priest combating the forces of evil and CGI effects galore.


Ouija Origin of Evil_d“Ouija: Origin Of Evil” fails to deliver anything outstanding. For storyline and concept, it is a standard execution. Audiences are yet again subjected to regurgitated servings of supernatural horror tropes. The trailer is an attention grabber.

The aim is to invoke reactions and resulting ticket sales thereof.  Editors for the “Ouija: Origin Of Evil” trailer did not waste any time. The slice and diced compilation of film footage seize the viewer’s attention. The opening frame showcases a notorious jump scare-inducing  scene. Perhaps this is the most frightening part of the film, or perhaps it is not?

“Ouija: Origin Of Evil” seem to be more refined in comparison to the 2014 release. Co-writers Mike DecayMag.com Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard Ouija: Origin of EvilFlanagan and Jeff Howard designed what appears a prequel to the storyline. The plot has weight with a plausible approach. Mike Flanagan offers his experience behind the lens to direct “Ouija: Origin Of Evil”.

Despite the obvious narrative, the presentation and prose may help redefine this young franchise. Perhaps “Ouija: Origin Of Evil” steered in the right creative path.

“Ouija: Origin Of Evil” also stars icons of Horror and Science Fiction: Lin ShayeDoug Jones, and Sam Anderson 



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