Owlman Returns with Fright Antics in New Video

Owlman Flutters The Unsuspected in New Prank Video

Director: Lawrie Brewster

Writer: Sarah Daly

Release Date: May 1, 2017

Release Format: YouTube

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 4:53

The pranks are back and the return of the Owlman! After being hidden in the back of fan’s minds, Owlman returns for a sequence of scares and psychological disturbance. Owlman’s reinhabited den, which is an abandoned children’s hospital, has been the ideal location for curious explorers to take photographs and satisfy their curiosity about the Owlman. As explorers walk in they are amused by the hospital and don’t realize Owlman is lurking in one of the room’s doorway.

When Owlman finally makes his presence noticed explorers go in a panic! Some dash out without looking back but others are trapped in a room and beg for mercy! One was in the middle of urinating in a corner when the Owlman made his appearance. Let this be a lesson on public urination!

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The Owlman Prank video was absolutely entertaining! The placements of the hidden cameras were properly set to give the audience a grand view of the explorers turned victims. Their reactions, absolutely priceless!

The camera quality was blurred to protect the identity of the victimized explorers but if the image was sharper and just the faces were blurred it would have given the video a much more horrific tone. The natural lighting fit perfectly since the weather was cloudy, a gloom aesthetic was proper for the prank.

Owlman made his return and after months of waiting for the best reaction, I can agree these are hilarious! Owlman not only makes his prank re-debut, it is also featured in the upcoming film The Black Gloves. A crowdfunding campaign is currently open for this psychological horror film. The production features the creature disturbing the minds of its victims…again.

Check out the first Owlman Prank Video and additional media provided below:


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