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Atelophobia Chapter 2 Exhibit A Standard Horror Film

Atelophobia Chapter 2 Exerts Normalcy Over Provocative Horror Art Atelophobia Chapter 2 Film Details  Original Title: Atelophobia: Throes of a Monarch (original title) Director:  Joe Lujan Writer: Joe Lujan Release Date: 2018 Release Format:...

Manor, The. Disappoints With Paranormal Plot

Manor, The. Weakened Protagonist, Plot Crumbles Structure Manor, The Film Details.  Director:  Jonathon Schermerhorn Writer: Tom DeNucci Glenn Jeffrey Mike Messier Matt O'Connor Release Date: May 15th, 2018 Release Format: DVD, VOD MPAA Rating: R Genre:...

Atelophobia Stage Typical Characters Against Powerful Imagery

Atelophobia Deep Narrative With Cliché Characters Atelophobia Film Details  Director: Joe Lujan Writer: Joe Lujan Release Date: 8 October 2015 (USA)* *According to IMDb Release Format: VOD MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Horror Running Time: 90...