Parlour Tricks: Tristan Risk’s Debut Short Film Finishes Production

Parlour Tricks: Full Details Tristan Risk, Parlour Tricks

Director: Tristan Risk

Writer: Tristan Risk

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Short

Running Time: N/A

Social Networking

Facebook: Parlour Tricks

Facebook: Bad Cookie Pictures


A seance yields some calamitous results when squabbling family members are over-eager to produce a will.




Parlour Tricks has finished production and is ready for its film festival run. The Short Comedy, Horror marks Tristan Risk’s debut directorial production. Produced by Bad Cookie Pictures.

Risk is a well-known actress in Independent Horror cinema entertainment. I am familiar with her role in Jen and Sylvia Soska’s American Mary, where she portrayed Beatress Johnson. All the characters in The Soska Sisters’ production was interesting, but Beatress was intense.

She was a damaged woman, who had had enough of feeling like the object of sexual gratification. She seeks Mary’s body modification services to transform her into a human Barbie doll. Her performance in this role was astounding. Tristan Risk, Parlour Tricks

The Cast

Gidget Gravedigger

Emma Eldritch

Tyler Nichols

Sean Coverton

The Crew

Jordan-Barnes Crouse: Cinematographer/Editor

Topher Graham: Producer/Production Designer

Selena Raskin

Ben Gammound

Burns the Dragon

Kris Wood: Original Score Tristan Risk, Parlour Tricks

Parlour Tricks has already been reaping in positive reviews from critics. It’s set in the 1920’s. This would be an interesting concept to see. They have released images on the Facebook page, including the poster. The black, gray and white contrast in one specific picture is a nice touch. Being set in the 1920s, I wonder if the entire film will have this color scheme to it.

There are two variations of the poster art. One is a black and white sketch. The characters look more animated. The second has a sepia color tint to it. There is a slogan that says “When You Call Out to the Spirits, Something Else Might Answer”. This poster art has a minimalist background with bold and wacky font.


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