Party Night Slasher Throwback Seeks Crowdfunding 

Party Night, promises to fuse modern filmmaking with classic Horror tropes.

A Classic Slasher for Modern Times

The eighties were a defining moment in Horror cinema. Many genre specific concepts flourished during this era. None would garner the surge in popularity than Slasher films. The formula to these mediums was simple. A group of unsuspecting teens/victims are pitted against a homicidal maniac. A remote back wooded area usually sets the stage to these films.

This Horror sub-genre became the go to art form for audiences worldwide. There’s a certain attraction, a voyeuristic pleasure in watching helpless prey meet their demise.  What is it about this sub-genre that keeps the viewer wanting more? Is it the heart-racing tension, the comedic elements or ill-fated decision making? Perhaps its a combination of all.

Slasher films continue to intrigue the masses even to the present day. Yet, lost is its traditional appeal. A film encompassing Slasher film concepts of yesteryear would make for an interesting watch. The film will pay tribute to the various degrees of Horror this sub-genre offers.

Today’s audiences have a varying field of knowledge on the Slasher concept. It would be interesting to see how such a film would resonate across the board.

This is what screenwriter Troy Escamilla and Renee K. Smith are set out to explore with their production endeavor;

“Party Night”

What is “Party Night”?

“Party Night” is an independent film production. This will be the first feature film released by Fright Meter Films. The project is host to experienced indie filmmakers and aspiring visionaries. Screenwriter and producer, Kevin Sommerfield will serve as producer. Playwright, producer, and director Renee K. Smith will partake on the creative endeavor. Timothy Sullins will direct “Party Night”. This is his feature debut.”Party Night” screenwriter, Troy Escamilla describes the film as follows:

“This film is truly a love letter to fans of (the) genre.  There are many references in the script that horror fans will grin widely at, but the film is still unique in its own right.”

“Party Night” will be a visual medium that will pay homage to Slasher films of yesteryear. The film will serve visuals of carnage, and mayhem. A specific exclusion toward comedic relief is of emphasis. “Party Night” will be a serious toned Slasher film. An exhibition that promises to conjure nostalgia to many horror enthusiasts of young.

“Party Night” Crowdfunding Campaign

At the moment “Party Night” remains a concept. An idea yet to come to fruition. With financial backing “Party Night” can become a film to enjoy now and in years to come.

Are you intrigued by the film proposal?

Are you Interested in backing a Slasher throwback?

Do you wish to support the first content by Fright Meter Films?  

Visit the “Party Night” Crowdfunding page on Kickstarter. Become a supporter. The goal is to reach ten thousand five hundred dollars ($10,500). At the time of this published report forty-four (44) days remain in the campaign. A donation total of two thousand fifty dollars ($2,050) has amassed currently.

Funds will go towards various aspects of film production. The specific breakdown is as follows:

  • Equipment (Lights, Camera, Mics, Etc..):  $3000
  • Production Insurance:  $1000
  • Wardrobe: $750
  • Food For Cast Crew for 16 Day Shoot:  $1750
  • Props/Set Decorations:  $400
  • Special Effects/Gore:  $1250
  • Location Rentals:  $800
  • Post Production: $1250
  • Rewards:  $500

TOTAL:  $10,700




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