Personal Shopper: Olivier Assayas’ Drama-Thriller

Personal Shopper: Trailer Review

Director: Olivier Olivier Assayas' Personal Shopper

Writer: Olivier Assayas

Release Date: October 19, 2016 (France)

Release Format: Theaters

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama, Thriller


“Personal Shopper” revolves around a ghost story that takes place in the fashion underworld of Paris.”

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Summary Olivier Assayas' Personal ShopperThe trailer starts off with Maureen (Kristen Stewart) talking to a group of people at a restaurant. They are talking about spirits and she is looking at pictures. We cut to Maureen walking into her house. Snippets of her job as a personal shopper come up. Everything is pretty slow at this point.  Things finally get a little tense when she hears a strange noise in her home. She thinks its her brother, who passed away. Apparently, they made an oath that whoever passed away first would send the other a sign. Strange things start happening. She starts receiving random text messages from an unknown person. More creepiness ensues from the unknown assailant. The trailer ends with the words “Personal Shopper”.


I don’t know what to think about “Personal Shopper” because the trailer is very bland, simple, and uneventful. Kristen Stewart plays the lead star as Maureen, who is a personal shopper in Paris. However, she hates her job. I don’t even know what a personal shopper is. I thought the term was Secret Shopper.

In any case, when Maureen is home, she starts witnessing strange things happening, and she draws up the conclusion that it must be her brother. She admits in the trailer that she and her brother made an oath that, whoever passed away first must give the other a sign.

Strange events suggest this to be something else, as Maureen starts receiving creepy messages from an unknown number. Based on the messages, the person sounds like a secret admirer, or worse, a stalker who has a dangerous obsession with her.

The “Personal Shopper” trailer doesn’t suggest any supernatural cases at play here. There are weird things that happen, such as the water turning itself on. But nothing to make me convinced that it is indeed a supernatural film. But as I’ve stated before, the trailer is very bland and uneventful. Very little is shown in the trailer, so it’s tough to conjure up any thoughts or feelings. I can’t really tell what angle the movie is approaching based on the trailer alone. But the synopsis suggests that it is a ghost story.


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