Petra Bryant Rising Star in Horror, Sci-Fi, Thrillers Petra Bryant
Petra Bryant. Photographer: Jose Truchado

Petra Bryant is notable for her varied portrayals across film genres. Over recent years. Yet, the beautiful Czech native English-speaking actress has solidified herself in Horror, Science Fiction and Thrillers.

Bryant’s performances have launched her into the limelight of these genres. Hollywood take notice, Bryant is an actress to watch out for!

According to IMDb Bryant has four films under the 2016 calendar. The corresponding dates on this listing may or may not be correct. It does bring about an exhibit on Bryant’s evolving profession.

Slated for VOD release on the 22nd of May 2017 is the UFO-themed film; Abduct. The synopsis explains the frightening phenomena of UFO abduction and related intrigues. In Abduct, Bryant portrays Lyra, a UFOlogist. Sienna Guillory Mark Arnold and William B. Davis also star in this Sci-Fi, Thriller. Abduct will take off on DVD/Blu-Ray after its on-demand release. Petra Bryant
Still from The Spiritualist

Bryant stars as Megan in a forthcoming Christmas-themed Horror film. The project highlights three interconnecting stories under an anthology arc. Nightmare on 34th Street gets a proposed release for late 2017. The film is under production. The synopsis reads as follows; Petra Bryant Abduct Nightmare on 34th street

A mysterious Santa arrives on 34th Street, to recall three interconnected horror stories which will leave you never looking at Christmas the same way again

Besides her acting credits, Bryant has broadened her skills in cinema production. She served as the writer and executive producer for a made for television pilot. Girl on a Rocking Horse is the project centered on a shared title novel Bryant penned.

Stay tuned to DecayMag. We’ll be scheduling an interview with Petra Bryant in the upcoming week. Topic includes her rise in Horror, Science Fiction and Thrillers.

Please take a moment to view the trailers below. Each is a token to Bryant’s roster of Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller reel. Be sure to visit Bryant’s YouTube channel for more of her work.

1. Abduct Petra Bryant Abduct

2. The Spiritualist

3. My Guardian Angel

4. The Disappearance of Lenka Wood


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