Pieces, Trailer to Horror Short Unveiled

Pieces Shot film Production Details 

Director: Dan Sunley

Writer: Dan Sunley

Release Date: TBD

Release Format: Streaming

Horror Sub-Genre: Supernatural 


Isabella arrives at her deceased grandmother’s home to do what her parents won’t, clear the house of its belongings. As she sorts through the personal effects she discovers an old notebook, inside is a single piece of a jigsaw next to the scrawled words ‘finish it’. When strange noises come from the attic that night, Isabella investigates the loft to find a tin box of more puzzle pieces. But as she begins to put the jigsaw together, she realizes she is not alone; a haunting presence still lingers in the house and it gets closer to every piece she finds…


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DecayMag.com Dan Sunley's Pieces

A new trailer emerged to Dan Sunley’s upcoming supernatural Horror Film “Pieces”. Kate SandisonLouise WilloughbyClinton Curtis Hudson and Kristy Guest star. The acclaimed fourteen-minute film short adds a visual component to an invigorating plot. Recognized is a general idea based off the synopsis alone.

“Pieces” offers that time-tested haunted house formula. The premise is that of a union of intrigue and the supernatural. Featured is a brave female protagonist. This alone is a high point as this is another standard in the Horror genre. The plot centers on the young woman’s quest for answers to buried questions.

The trailer (presented above) has a running time of a little over one minute in length.  Yet, in the allocated time audience are provided with the basis of the narrative. As simple as a trailer may be, most productions lack in providing any strong points to the film. With the trailer to “Pieces”, it is evident the film will offer good performances and most importantly a creative story. Our interest is piqued!

We’ve contacted Director, Writer Dan Sunley for a potential review on his supernatural Horror short “Pieces”. Stay tuned to DecayMag.com for further developments.

In the meantime visit “Pieces” across all the social networks Provided below.







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