Pinhead Reveals What Exactly for Fan base?

Pinhead is back and returns to another derivative from Clive Barker’s sadomasochistic concept. “Hellraiser” is a long-standing horror film franchise. The series captured the souls of enthusiasts for over twenty years. Yet, the frequency of regurgitated designs would mar the exquisiteness of the original. Absurd production value paved the way for a franchise-best forgotten. Sub-par craftsmanship is evident with the recent disaster; “Hellraiser: Revelations”. Víctor García directed this 2011 release based on the script by Gary J. Tunnicliffe .

The next installment of the franchise is “Hellraiser: Judgement”. Serving as director and writer of the film is veteran effects artist, Gary Tunnicliffe. This latest embodiment of the “Hellraiser” concept is failing to gain traction. This is not an opinion. The absence of veteran actor Doug Bradley has incited criticism among the fan base. Bradley’s portrayal of the iconic Pinhead is synonymous with the franchise.  Actor Paul T. Taylor will portray the leader of the demonic entities known as Cenobites.

The Pinhead recasting stems from a heated controversy between Doug Bradley and Gary Tunnicliffe. Bradley vented his sentiments against an obligatory adherence to a non-disclosure agreement. Tunnicliffe had forwarded the contract in question. Bradley’s disagreement with the contract exiled participation from his native franchise. For more information please visit the link below:

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“Hellraiser: Judgement” will feature a re-imagined cast of sinister characters. This is Gary Tunnicliffe’s attempt to steer the production into a new direction. Can Tunnicliffe offer the same level of success as the 2011 installment, “Hellraiser: Revelations”?  (Sarcasm intended.) The pictures below are courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting. The visuals feature the creative direction implemented within the film “Hellraiser: Judgement”. Each render serves as an example of a modernized concept of Cenobites.

Earlier today Bloody Disgusting posted an image of actor Paul T. Taylor donned as the notorious Pinhead. The reporter describes the photograph as follows:

“…Taylor looks impressive here. My first reaction was to double take, and having to squint just to confirm to myself that I wasn’t looking at an old shot of Bradley in makeup. Seriously, tell me you’re not impressed…”

With all due respect to the author but we’re not impressed. Stills, trailer and marketing campaigns shouldn’t persuade Horror enthusiasts with ease.  These visuals serve little value if the production fails to deliver quality story composition. Let’s cut the Bradley/Tunnicliffe out of the equation for a moment. The “Hellraiser” movie franchise is on life support. This is a fact.

Each installment of mediocrity serves as a mockery of this once great horror medium.  “Hellraiser: Judgement” upon its release will undergo scrutinizing analysis. Will this creative vision reinstall life for the franchise? Will Gary Tunnicliffe’s vision instill corruption to this once Honorific concept? "Hellraiser: Judgement" Pinhead


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