Price of Bones: Brandon Taylor’s Horror Short

Price of Bones Film Details

Director: Brandon Taylor Brandon Taylor's "Price of Bones"

Writer: Samantha Kolesnik

Release Date: October 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Short


Caprice and Heather, who go to extreme lengths to be thin.

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How far would you go to achieve something important to you? This importance turns into motivation. Motivation turns into dedication. Dedication turns into obsession. And, not a healthy obsession. “The Price of Bones” takes you on a psycho-emotional trip inside the dark, devastating world of desire and possession. Caprice and Heather are two beautiful young women, who struggle with self-appearance, self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-confidence. From a personal observation, they long to be what society considers “beautiful”. To them, beauty is a physical vendetta, and should always be maintained. No matter what it takes.

Caprice and Heather are prime examples of, not only setting goals for yourself but reaching your goals. But, what if your goals have already been reached and you just don’t know it? What if you have surpassed your goal, but you can’t see it? What if you have elevated, but you can’t feel it? What do you do then? You push yourself harder to reach your idea of perfection. But, how hard do you push yourself? What is the price of “beauty”? What is the price of “perfection”? What is the price of bones?


Director Brandon Taylor brings us a chilling tale. In just 10 minutes, we are thrust into a world of darkness, depression, and devastation, and it all starts at the core of obsession. The plot and storyline for “The Price of Bones” are very original and intriguing. It catches your attention and reels you in. It demands your focus of the problem that lies beneath the surface. It redefines the way we look at both personal problems and real world problems. The problem might start off personal, but it mentally and emotionally travels to a societal concern.

The Practical Effects in “The Price of Bones” are amazing. You can see the slow transition of happiness to emotional distress that starts to “eat” away at the two young women. Caprice and Heather take on their roles quite well and were convincing.

The Scare Factor in “The Price of Bones” is more of a psychological scare. The film is psychological in a sense that causes for alarm. The thought of the actions that are taking place is mentally concerning and terrifying.

Personal Analysis: Everyone wants to “fit in” with society. With the American Dream. Some of us want fame and riches. Others want “perfection” and “beauty”. To some of us, as much as we desire this, it remains a dream. To others, this desire becomes a dangerous road to achieving and maintaining that dream. No matter how dark that road is, you will do everything you can to reach your dreams.


I felt “The Price of Bones” film was a few minutes too short. I know it’s meant to be a short film, but the ending gave me a feeling that there should have been more to it. It just ended suddenly and randomly. Not to mention that it ended just when it was getting good.

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