Movie Name: “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies ”

Release Date: 5 February 2016 

Release: Theatrical Release

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Horror Sub-genre: Action Horror

Synopsis: Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge — an army of undead zombies.

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” Film Analysis


Pride Prejudice and Zombies was initially released in 2009, a novel written by renowned author, screenwriter, and producer Seth Grahame-Smith. The concept and basis of the book, “Pride Prejudice and Zombies” was based entirely from the literary work by Jane Austen published in 1813 titled; “Pride and Prejudice”. Adding the element of Horror and zombie fiction rehashed one of the most popular novels in English literature into a parody.

The marriage between zombies, aristocrats against the backdrop of early nineteenth century England was developed by a brainstorm idea by editor Jason Rekulak of Quirkbooks. Combining novels available in the public domain with elements of pop culture the idea of  “Pride and Prejudice” was established.  Jason Rekulak stated:

“Once I saw Pride and Prejudice and zombies I knew we had a hit…You hear a lot about all the Pride and Prejudice sequels that get published every year and I think people feel that it’s sort of tapped out…This is the only thing left you can do.”

Personally, the novel; “Pride and Prejudice and zombies” wasn’t enjoyable and once the opportunity arose to view the film, it was an experience to engage the unique (and outright campy) concept under a different medium.

While trailers, insights and production stills for “Pride and Prejudice and zombies” will be furnished in the upcoming months by Horror and movie news outlets is the first to feature an exclusive first hand review to the upcoming action Horror film.


Essentially the story-line to the film, “Pride and Prejudice and zombies” mirrors closely to both the Jane Austen novel and Seth Grahame-Smith rewrite. Intricate details to the plot are readily available online (via book synopsis) a quick google search can easily pacify the curious. Directed and written by Burr Steers “Pride and Prejudice and zombies” features a cornucopia of genres that easily caters to a broad demographic. The film offers action, romance and horror elements but don’t expect much of the latter because gory and frights are scarcely offered.

The story centers on the Bennet sisters, Elizabeth Bennet portrayed by Lily James. Elizabeth’s sisters are Jane portrayed by Bella Heathcote, Mary portrayed by Millie Brady , Kitty portrayed by Suki Waterhouse and Lydia portrayed by Ellie Bamber. The group of five close-knit women are part of an aristocratic family living in nineteen century England. Each are specially trained in Martial Arts, skills mandated and encouraged by their father Mr. Bennet, portrayed by Charles Dance. The portrayal of characters were remarkable, the cast of seasoned veterans elevated the film to superior standards.

The reason why The Bennet Sisters are equipped with self-defense skill is in response to the looming threat of the undead plaguing the country. While the setting and story may change, the overall concept immediately conjures the feel of a “Charlies’ Angels” type of vibe. In both in context and application “Pride and Prejudice and zombies” mirrors the aforementioned film well due to its avoidance of grim and dark overtones. The Bennet Sisters are given a playful competitive like aura, hardcore slayers these women are not. The action sequences were enjoyable to watch, although not phenomenal and borderline campy the fight scenes merits noteworthy inclusion.

With the introduction of the character, Mr. Bingley portrayed by Douglas Booth, it doesn’t take long for the romance / love interest portion of “Pride and Prejudice and zombies” to roll in. While the insertion of romantic elements may appeal to some, personally the added genre muddles the overall action and semi-Horror elements of the film. Its important to note that the romantic theme of “Pride and Prejudice and zombies” is a critical component, a base originally introduced in the novel written by Jane Austen.

“Pride and Prejudice and zombies” engages the viewer with themes of intrigue and mystery. While the inclusion is refreshing it is also offered at a basic level. Case in point, one character in question may or may not seem to be the man he claims to be. Keen viewers can easily deduce the outcome of the film, this particular character’s intentions and/or predict certain plot twists before it actually occurs.

Special effects were overly composed, the norm in modern film making it seems. While some scenes were awe inspiring others simply resembled well..a computer generated world. Credit should be given to the practical make up department for creating some amazing zombie visuals, the applications were absolutely amazing. Unfortuneately, ample screen time for the elaborately created zombies were few and far between. Production deemed it necessary to have scenes composed of extras donned in ragged clothing and enough make up to make them look convincingly as zombies.


The presentation is worthwhile, and appeals to a broad demographic. Is “Pride and Prejudice and zombies” worth the price of admission? Certainly, it is. However, the film doesn’t offer anything original aside from reinventing a form of classical literature. Zombie film enthusiasts may shrug at the laughable concept presented in the film, “Pride and Prejudice and zombies”. Personally, its an upgrade from the novel (re)written by Seth Grahame-Smith. Its a fun film to watch that shouldn’t be taken seriously, this note especially holds true for die-hard Zombie aficionados. Whatever criticisms may lie expect to see a franchise materializing soon. With the climatic ending of the film,  “Pride and Prejudice and zombies” there’s no doubt future installments are in the planing stages.






Rating Criteria

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