Prom Ride Promotional Video Clip

Prom Ride released on DVD on the 15th of March 2016. Here’s an exclusive promotional clip to the moder slasher film. This upcoming Slasher / Found Footage concept also marks a debut for Kazeem Molake

Ariella Rose stars along side Horror movie veterans that include: Heather Paige Cohn, Noah Nevins, Victoria Levine, Joseph RichJoi Liaye, Deanna Pak, and Byron Thomas.

The synopsis to “Prom Ride” Reads as follows

Their senior prom was to be a night of elegance, rejoicing and celebrating, but when a psychotic killer hijacks their stretch limo, the teens are tortured while being held hostage. Soon they turn on each other for survival. By the end, we learn that one of the teens had been keeping a secret that played a bigger role in their demise.


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