Pumpkinhead: Reboot In the Works

Pumpkinhead: Saw Director To Reboot 1988 Classic


DecayMag.com Pumpkinhead 1998 A reboot is currently underway. The 1988 classic was directed by Stan Wilson and written by Winston, Mark Patrick Carducci, Ed Justin, and Gary Gerani. Peter Block, executive producer for the Saw franchise will be producing the Pumpkinhead trilogy reboot, which is slated for 2017.

In the original film, Lance Henriksen starred as Ed Harley, hard working man, who becomes distraught after bikers run his son over and kills him. He becomes vengeful and seeks the help from Haggis (Florence Schauffler), who is rumored to be a witch, with the ability to bring a grotesque creature from the dead.

Pumpkinhead is summoned for people who want to seek justice amongst their tormentors or enemies. However, summoning Pumpkinhead comes with a grave price, as every time he kills, the person who is using him also suffers the pain and burden.

Pumpkinhead also has three sequels, Blood Wings, Ashes To Ashes, and Blood Feud.

Peter Block definitely has an impressive voice in Horror cinema. Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Devil’s Rejects, The Ward, See No Evil, just to name a few. I, personally, am not happy about a reboot to Stan Winston’s 1998 film, but I feel Block overseeing the project is a good choice. He’s no stranger to Horror, he has many noteworthy films that he has done.

Block is currently searching for a worthy director for the reboot. Given his wealthy presence in the Horror genre, I feel that he should look around his close circle of directors he’s already worked him. I think it goes without saying that James Wan is definitely a worthy director.

Pumpkinhead will start filming early in 2017. Below is the trailer to 1998 original directed by Stan Winston

Official Trailer:


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