Rainy Season, Next Stephen King Film Adaptation

Rainy Season, it is not a observation on today’s climate change. Readers of Horror fiction will recognize the title to Stephen King’s short story. “Rainy Season” made it debut within the the 1989 issue of Midnight Graffiti magazine. The short story would is later published in Stephen King’s Nightmares & Dreamscapes collection.

“Rainy Season” is a supernatural Horror story. The plot centers on a young couple’s summer retreat to a town called Willow. The tranquility of this small modest town is dreamlike. Yet, the dreams vacation will transgress into a living nightmare for the young couple. Once the rainfall begins so does their terror.

A film adaptation the “Rainy Season” released in 2002. Nick Wauters directs and adapts the story to screen. Presented in this article is a different film adaption for Stephen King’s short story.

“Rainy Season” Pre-Production

Stephen King offers filmmakers the opportunity to create films based on his literary works. Filmmakers choose over a selection of King’s short stories via the dollar babies program. One dollar and a copy is all that’s required to buy the rights to any of these tales of terror.

This became the first step for Writer, Producer and Director Vanessa Ionta Wright. Wright secured rights to adapt”Rainy Season” via the dollar babies program.  Various legalese prohibits public screenings to King’s work under the dollar babies program. The goal for Wright and company is to submit “Rainy Season” through film festival channels. Yet, to complete this project adequate funding is a needed.

A Female Driven Horror Endeavor      

Before delving into financial ambitions let’s first reflect on the talented behind the project. Women’s contribution to the Horror/Thriller genre has grown stronger and ever present. Women have transitioned from in-front-of-the camera to working behind the camera lens. We’ve seen a rise in productions efforts led by female Horror visionaries. In turn, these films offer new imagination and concepts to the forefront. “Rainy Season” is another example of the new era in Horror film-making. Producing “Rainy Season”are:

Writer, Producer, Director;  Vanessa Ionta Wright

Producer, Writer; Samantha Kolesnik 

Actress, Producer, Writer; Stephanie Wyatt

DecayMag.com Rainy Season

An indie production, female driven, combined these traits elevate the project for consideration. The trio of horror visionaries have acquired the directorial efforts of Grant McGowen. Also, on board is Cinematographer Mark Simon. The cast to “Rainy Season” is developing. The film stars; Tyner RushingBrian Ashton SmithAlpha Trivette, and Amber Germain.

Filming begins late Spring 2016 and will take place in and around Senoia, Georgia

DecayMag.com Rainy Season

“Rainy Season” Needs Your Assistance

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]Visit “Rainy Season” CrowdFunding Campaign and Pledge Today![/box]


Funding is needed to create this non-commercial embodiment of Stephen King’s literary work. Approximately thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) are sought to cover production expenses.  Contribution will not only go towards building blocks of filmmaking. Funding of the building of dreams and ambitions is the end result. “Rainy Season” features a roster of talented individuals, a production team of creative artists.  Indie film making community is rich with ideas and product that Hollywood currently lacks.  Below is an excerpt from the “Rainy Season” Crowdfunding page:

In the difficult market of main stream film, it’s still a game of who you know. We are artists/filmmakers first and we want to share our art with the world.  Our goal is to take this film around the country to film festivals to showcase our filmmaking skills and talents in the hopes of securing representation/funding for future projects.

 Vanessa Ionta Wright

At the time of this published report only seven (7) days remain before the crowdfunding campaign ends. Accomplished so far is six thousand two hundred seventy two dollars ($6,272). This is only twenty-one percent of the target goal. “Rainy Season” will only be seen by selected few via film festival channels. The production team have offered to:

 ..donate 100% all funds raised ABOVE our goal of $30,000 will be donated to the International Child Art Foundation.

A red carpet fundraising event will begin shortly. Held at Senoia Coffee & Cafe will be “special guests”,  autograph and photo opportunities, and live DJ  entertainment. Details on the event will be announced very soon.

DecayMag.com Rainy Season



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