Range 15, Real Special Forces Combat Zombies

DecayMag.com Nick Palmisciano's "Range 15"Range 15, the latest post-apocalyptic themed film will release on the 15th of June 2016. The formula centers on cannibalistic undead and survivors aiming to escape from getting devoured. Unlike previous contributions to the zombie sub-genre, “Range 15” offers a different perspective. The film is patriotic. Patriotic? Indeed, the production is a collaborative venture by decorated military servicemen turned filmmakers.

All indie film productions have underlying agenda, a tale of determination. Whether it is to make it big in Hollywood or to achieve the first feature, indie filmmakers have a set goal in mind. For “Ranger 15” the aim was to create a film dedicated to the brave men and women of the armed forces.

Danny TrejoKeith DavidSean AstinWilliam Shatner star in “Range 15”. Yet the real stars are the servicemen and women composing the cast. To name a few they include;

The film employed more than twenty-five military amputees for on-screen roles. Amazing. Watch the behind the scenes videos to “Range 15”. It becomes evident to the viewer, the profound camaraderie between the cast and crew.

 Comedian and Actor, writer, Producer, Ross Patterson directed and co-wrote “Range 15”. West Point and retired infantry officer turned entrepreneur Nick Palmisciano co-wrote the screenplay. Contributing writers were; Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, Jack Mandaville, and Vincent Vargas.

The Synopsis to “Range 15”  reads:

A group of veterans wake up after a night of partying to find out that the zombie apocalypse has spread across the United States. Together, they must fight their way across the country in order to find a cure for the outbreak and restore freedom before it’s too late.


According to press release issued on the 17th of May 2016, “Range 15” is described as:

“…A film that isn’t for people who want to analyze whether or not they should go to a theater because the plot doesn’t agree with their delicate sensibilities. Range 15 is a throat-punch that leaves the audience gasping for dignity…”Range 15_alt

“Range 15” is an Action, Comedy Horror film. It may not receive acclaim at the Oscars or The Academy Awards but that’s fine. The reward is giving back to the brave soldiers of the armed forces both active and retired. That in itself is the highest merit.

Lucky audiences were able to get a glimpse to this upcoming Comedy, Horror at the 2016 Sundance Festival. Don’t fret. “Range 15” will premiere at the GI Film Festival on the 27th of May 2016. The film will release on the 3rd of June 2016 in Los Angeles. A Nationwide limited theater engagement will follow on the 15th of June 2016.

Stay tuned to DecayMag.com for more on “Range 15″.

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