Razors, Supernatural Horror Based on Jack The Ripper

Razors Film Details

Director(s): DecayMag.com Ian Powell Karl Ward Razors
Ian Powell
Karl Ward
Ian Powell
Karl Ward
Release Date: October 18, 2016
Release Format: DVD VOD
Running Time: 1h 28min
MPAA Rating: N/A
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

The first installment in an exciting new horror franchise. A young writer believes she has discovered the holy grail of terror, the knives used by Jack the Ripper for his notorious murders.



The Legend of Jack the Ripper will be brought back to life in the film titled; Razors. Ian Powell and Karl Ward collaborated on directorial and writing obligations. The film offers elements of the supernatural Thriller and weaves a spin on the nefarious serial killer.

Actress Kelby Keenan portrays the role of young writer Ruth Walker. In her quest to write a horror film, Ruth discovers a set of antique knives.  Yet, the knives go missing and  the killings begin. The Legend of Jack The Ripper manifests as a sinister phantasm that haunts Ruth and her collogues. 

The partial list of the cast includes:

Kunjue Li

Vincent De Paul

Josh Myers

Georgia Maguire

Khan Bonfils

and Andrew Shire as Jack The Ripper

DecayMag.com Ian Powell Karl Ward Razors

“The legend of Jack the Ripper is the stuff of nightmares….”

“….Razors is a great introduction to a new horror franchise….”

Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass.


Razors will release on DVD and Video on Demand on the 18th of October 2016. The film will be available just in time for Halloween. Breaking Glass Pictures is set to release the first installment in a new horror franchise. VOD Platforms will be set for iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Xbox, Playstation, Vudu, Direct TV and On Demand through participating cable providers.

Stay tuned to DecayMag for our upcoming review for Razors and an exclusive interview with a special guest.


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