Red Tale A Poetic Exhibition of Dance and Horror

Red Tale Film Details Natacha Thomas Red Tale

Director: Natacha Thomas

Writer: Natacha Thomas

Release Date: 2017 (France)* IMDb

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short, Fantasy

Running Time: 5 Minutes

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RED RIDING HOOD and BLUE BEARD are opposed in a dark fairy tale of lights. “Curiosity, in spite of its appeal, often leads to deep regret….it is these gentle wolves who are the most dangerous ones of all” Charles Perrault.


Director Natacha Thomas manipulates colors palettes and angles much the same way a poet plays with words to convey poetry. Audiences are enveloped with vivid colors and an upbeat Latin-based soundtrack. Both elements will immediately capture attention. There seems to be a rise in filmmakers opting for vivid color palettes for tonality. This is a major contrast to the usual dark and gloomy aesthetic found with psychological Thriller or Horror engaging settings. Using these approaches is a step in the right direction, breathing new life within the genre. Breathing new life is what Thomas did with her innovative interpretation of the screenplay.

Am unsure if the shooting location had limited space or if Thomas decided to use close and medium angle shots. Whatever the case, Red Tale does not have multiple camera angles to convey its message. In its place is a concert of creative expertise. The success behind this visual narrative stems from Nick Kent‘s cinematography work, Matthilde Carlier‘s film editing, and Anne Dallu Huet set decoration. Natacha Thomas Red Tale

Red Tale sheds an unorthodox spotlight on two well know characters Red Riding Hood and Bluebeard. Dance and choreography substitute the use of dialogue which takes this production to a different level. The characters, in their fluid expression, speak with volume. This approach sets a platform for diverse interpretations of the plot and conflict to flourish. I have theories on the narrative but on each viewing, my views shift.

Red Tale is a work of art and this approach may or may not benefit it. Therefore Thomas’ film is not for general consumption. Red Tale redefines Horror storytelling without fear factor and sets a new platform in blending dark tones with dance. In fact, there is only one macabre scene for the duration of the film. Red Tale caters to audiences with an admiration of technique and artistry. Natacha Thomas Red Tale

In Conclusion:

Red Tale is unlike any indie Horror film on the market. There are musicals that infuse dark context but Red Tale becomes a film using dance to communicate gloom. The film is short and direct with an absent plot and sub-plot. The film also caters to a market yearning for original and imaginative content. Although the dialogue is lacking, it would strengthen the production if had extended over five minutes.



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