Reichsfuhrer SS: Conversation With John Martineau

Reichsfuhrer SS  John Martineau Shares Insight in candid Interview

Title: “Reichsfuhrer-SS

Director: David B. Stewart III

Writer: David B. Stewart III

Release Date: November 24, 2015

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Overview David B. Stewart III's "Reichsfuhrer SS"On May 22nd, 2016, I had the opportunity to watch “Reichsfuhrer-SS” as part of my news assignment. The synopsis had caught my attention, so I was eager to watch this film. I enjoyed the movie. Be sure to read my review, my praises on “Reichsfuhrer-SS”. The focus of this interesting movie is a story of war, torture, and murder. Add sexual undertones and Sadomasochism for a complete Horror film to remember.

The viewer would believe the film is based on actual events that occurred during World War II. Adolf Hitler and Reicshfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler were notorious figures in that era.

Executive producer John Martineau shared film insight during our candid conversation. Martineau also offered a trip down memory lane provided an awesome history lesson. The latter being integral for the film concept.

John Martineau wore many hats on the “Reichsfuhrer-SS” production. Martineau served as Executive Producer, and Cinematographer. As Actor, Martineau portrayed the character “Erebus”, the Gatekeeper of Hell. I was curious about Erebus, as I had not heard about this mythological entity until now. So I asked for more elaboration on that character. Martineau shared the following link with me. That gave insight on Erebus.

“Erebus was one of the primordial deities in Greek Mythology, born out of the primeval void, Chaos. It was the personification of the deep darkness and shadows. “

Excerpt From Article

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Martineau on the Making of Erebus:

John Martineau:

“Kathryn Pepe designed Erebus with help from an old friend of ours Heather McCook. We went bought everything we needed. Came to my house and plastered my head lol. Myself and both girls went to Walmart one night .. went to the counter with condoms, ky, clear tubing and art supplies. I said to the cashier ” This is exactly what it looks like” 

“We tried to keep his outfit in that Greek element too. I was literally covered in black paint. And fabric lol.” :

There’s a second demon in “Reichsfuhrer-SS” that serves as a minion. This demon was interesting as well and I asked Martineau to elaborate more on her.

John Martineau:

“As far as the female demon goes .. we wanted from the beginning for there to be a male and female. As far, as her makeup went we left that up to Kathryn Pepe. She would send me pics of clay designs and we would talk about them. She had it pretty much had the design perfect from the start.”

“No name or backstory. Erebus’s minion. If you noticed she would repeat certain words that Erebus would say. She also pet Himmler just like he pet Danuta. He is also chained to the floor in the same chains.”

So…they are putting him through the same thing he put her through?

John Martineau:

“In a sense yes. She is a representation of what kind of thing these men did. Granted they did much much worse. Hence the 10,966,678 .. if you notice there is also 666 in that number.”

Wow! Didn’t even notice the 666 reference.

John Martineau:

“As far as the story line .. all total fiction and completely made up. The only thing that was factual was Himmler getting ill at the execution. That story is what the movie itself was built around. To this day no one is 100% sure it happened. But it was stated by a man named Wolff that it had indeed happened. But no one ever trusted this man either.”

Martineau shared the following link going into further detail about this topic.

SS – Obergruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff who served as Himmler’s adjutant recalled that during a trip to Minsk on 15 August 1941 recalled that Himmler “asked to see a shooting operation,” and Einsatzgruppe B Commander Nebe arranged such an execution of 100 people, 98 men and 2 women. Wolff was present at this action and he remembered how Himmler, just before the firing was to begin, walked up to a doomed man and put a few questions to him. 

Excerpt From Article

Martineau on the Meaning of the Film and the Heinrich Himmler Character:

John Martineau:

“It’s the story of a man becoming a monster. The monologue Himmler gives to Danuta is all about him and the realization of who and what he is and has become. The suit doesn’t make the monster the man beneath does. And even in death he is unrepentant and arrogant. In the film sense he is more evil then Erebus.”

Right. And at first, it seemed like he was more sympathetic for Danuta. I almost thought he was falling for her. Which was why I mentioned the deranged love story.

Martineau on Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler:

John Martineau:

“He couldn’t stand the sight of death but had no problem killing millions of people with the stroke of his pen. This is how powerful and evil he was that a signature on a piece of paper killed millions.”

Yes, I’ve heard so many things about Hitler and whatnot. Haven’t heard this story. Also, this is my first time hearing about Himmler.

John Martineau:

“Himmler was Hitler’s second in command and his title was Reichsfuhrer SS.”

What do Reichsfuhrer and Fuhrer mean? Hitler was referred to as Fuhrer.

John Martineau shared the following link.

Excerpt From Article:

Reichsfuhrer-SS was a special title and rank that existed between the years of 1925 and 1945 for the commander of the Schutzstaffel (SS). Reichsführer-SS was a title from 1925 to 1933, and from 1934 to 1945 it was the highest rank of the SS. The longest serving and by far most noteworthy Reichsführer-SS was Heinrich Himmler.

Excerpt From Website

Thank you for that backstory and insight. Very informative. Could some of the film even though being fictional, be a glimpse of what war was like? And the things that prisoners endured during those times?

John Martineau:

“Absolutely! But those people endured much much worse.”

Really? What they did to the man they had tied up was brutal.

John Martineau:

“That was brutal yes. I’m sure much worse happened to many many others.”

 Wow. I couldn’t even imagine worse. Lol.

John Martineau:

 “Me either, but I can think of a few.”

The film definitely has a great deal of gore, and the horror community is divided on the use of gore as part of story telling. As an artist how influential are these visuals and why is it scarce in today’s mainstream market?

John Martineau:

“The violence in this film isn’t so much of the storytelling element. It’s a glimpse into the lives of these so called men and what they did to other human beings on a regular basis.”

 Thank you so much again for this insight. This whole conversation has been a pleasure.

John Martineau:

“For me as well. You are very welcome!”

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Footnote: David B. Stewart III's "Reichsfuhrer SS"There are two versions of “Reichsfuhrer-SS”: theatrical/edited version and the uncut Blu-Ray version, which has an extra scene, as well as more content features than the theatrical/edited version. You can purchase the DVD and Blu-Ray by visiting the following links:

Rechsfuhrer SS Website Website


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