Restoration: Zack Ward’s Dark Horror Zack Ward RestorationRestoration: Film Details

Director: Zack Ward

Writers: James Cullen Bressack, Zack Ward

Release Date: May 3, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror


During home renovations, a young couple releases a fiery spirit seeking retribution. To save themselves and set the spirit free, they must uncover the dire truth. But nothing is as simple as it seems.

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Overview Zack Ward RestorationDirector Zack Ward presents a unique, fresh scene that distinguishes itself from the genre pool. “Restoration” is a dark, chilling Horror-Suspense-Thriller that starts off slow and tedious, but gradually builds up to a shocking climax.

When you move into a new town or a new neighborhood, always be weary and cautious of your new neighbors. Those bright, warming smiles and over-the-top friendly gestures could be hiding dangerous secrets and cruel intentions. This is exactly the case with Rebecca (Emily Roya O’Brien) and Todd (Adrian Gaeta) Jordan.

“Restoration” starts off with a tragic moment, where Rebecca, a nurse, is sitting with her patient in his final moments, comforting him, hoping that he hangs in there. But it’s too late. He eventually passes away. When she returns to her and her husband’s new home after her work shift is done, she is introduced to the neighbors, Harold (Zack Ward) and Francine (Sarah Ann Schultz), a lively middle-aged couple, who are very charming at first. Pretty soon, their charm turns disturbing as they begin to become overly comfortable and inviting themselves into Rebecca and Todd’s home and Zack Ward Restoration

For now, Harold and Francine are the least of Rebecca and Todd’s worries. After finding a mysterious diary
that was hidden inside of a teddy bear, Rebecca and Todd’s lives begin to take a mental and emotional roller coaster, as they are plagued by random, mysterious dreams, visions, and events. After becoming victim to, what at first appeared to be a hallucination, but landed him in the hospital with second-degree burns, this forces Rebecca and Todd on a chase to discover the truth.

What they find: the diary they found in their home was the diary of a young girl, Katie, who tragically, but mysteriously passed away; they teddy bear links the diary and the deceased girl, including two key adolescents that were her age, Delia, and Robert. According to the diary, strange things were happening during the time Katie, Delia, and Robert were friends. These strange events led to the tragic demise of Katie, who’s restless, the vengeful spirit now haunts Rebecca and Todd. The only way to end the madness is to uncover the truth, find Katie’s corpse, and set her soul free. Just when you think all of this is the key to saving their lives and living happily ever after, Rebecca and Todd’s charming neighbors throws in the ultimate shocker. Seems that all this time, dear Harold and Francine were stalking and preying on Rebecca and Todd, preparing them for an ultimate ritual or sacrifice.


The “Restoration” plot and storyline is very good. Although the film starts off on the slow side, the ending is surely worth the endurance.“Restoration” has the trappings of a classic supernatural ghost story, while introducing a shocking twist. This is a major advantage and has served in its own favor.


There isn’t really a scare factor in “Restoration”. Not unless you are very sensitive when it comes to horror films. I’d say the scare factor is on the low end of the spectrum.

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