10.31 Brings Five Levels of Fear, Fun, Horror, and Gore

10.31 Film Details.

DecayMag.com, 10/31, AnthologyDirectors:


Brett DeJager

Rocky Gray

Zane Hershberger

Justin M. Seaman

Jason Turner

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: DVD, VHS

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 93 min


Blood soaked tales of horror and the macabre await you in this terrifying anthology in the vein of VHS, Trick r Treat and Creepshow.

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10/31 is a horror anthology written and directed by some of the most interesting and visionary horror artists. 10/31 is a love letter from fans to fans of horror stories. Here is the press release:

10/31 is a horror anthology written and directed by indie horrors best and brightest such as award winning film makers Justin Seaman and Zane Hershberger (The Barn), Brett DeJager (Bonejangles), John William Holt (The Dooms Chapel Horror) an original score and segment directed by award winning film and game composer Rocky Gray (The Barn, Killing Floor 2, Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories) and features web horror host Malvolia: The Queen of Screams (Jennifer Nangle). Also on this monster roster is executive producer and creator of Volumes of Blood, P.J. Starks. These blood soaked tales of terror and the macabre in the vein of Creepshow, Body Bags, Tales of Halloween and All Hallows’ Eve 2 are sure to chill horror lovers to the bone.

10/31 is presented by Malvolia: the Queen of Screams – segment directed by Hunter Johnson – as she shares with us five short stories about horror and Halloween: The Old Hag, Trespassers, Killing The Dance, The Halloween Blizzard of ’91 and The Samhain Slasher. I’ll be reviewing each one in the next section and I’ll sum up my thoughts about the anthology in the last portion of the article.

DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology


P. J. Starks, Executive Producer of 10/31 and creator of Volumes of Blood which I’ve reviewed last year contacted me to review this new project and I was stoked for the opportunity. 10/31 is one hell of a ride and a pleasure to watch.

The Old Hag  written and directed by Justin M. Seaman

This first tale stars Cindy Maples, Mitchel Musolino, and Nickolaus Joshua and tells the story of two young men who answer a Craigslist ad to do a commercial for a bed-and-breakfast. After a quick interview for the job the owner wants them to film right away and as they start to shoot the commercial, one of them believes he’s seeing a creepy old woman in every corner…

DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology

This tale creeped me out from the moment it starts until we finally know what the hell is going on in that place. The setting is beautiful and immersive; the performances are overall very good, even if some of the reactions are a bit over the top but, if you’re into mansions, strange noises, and prosthetics, you will love The Old Hag.

Justin M. Seaman directed The Barn which I didn’t have the opportunity to watch yet I’m curious… I’ve loved the atmosphere on this one. One of my favorites of the anthology.

DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology

Trespassers – written and directed by Zane Hershberger

The second tale transports us to a different setting. Trespassers stars Chad Burns as Jeff and Sable Griedel as Stephanie, a couple on their first date. The segment starts with the couple coming out of the movies after watching a film that they didn’t enjoy. Both disappointed for not being scared on Halloween, Stephanie has an idea and takes her geeky and timid date to an adventure where she believes he will be scared. She decides to take Jeff to an old murder house where an eerie urban legend about a cursed family and a scarecrow surfaces. After telling the story, Stephanie dares Jeff to see the scarecrow for real. As they encounter it, the horror comes along and delivers one hell of a gorefest.

DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology

I’ve enjoyed Trespassers but I wasn’t impressed as a whole. The problem I had was with the ending, I was hoping for something different. I was hooked from the atmosphere of the beginning and I would’ve preferred if this tale stayed on its course as a simple and effective urban legend about a couple who searches to scare themselves… Hershberger preferred to go darker and bloodier which could be a treat to gore fans since he delivered some pretty awesome kills and practical effects.

Killing The Dancewritten by Jason Turner and directed by John William Holt

Killing The Dance stars Bailey Ingersoll and Wendy Keeling and it tells the story of two siblings enjoying Halloween night out on a skating rink lock-in party which turns out to be a murder revenge family business.

DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology

This tale is a bloody fun good time and such an amazing concept! I loved Killing The Dance. The electric music, the astonishing cinematography, and the delicate work behind the camera with traveling shots are amazing to look at. John William Holt did a beautiful job putting these characters alive and bringing a fresh and original script on screen by Jason Turner. I’m deeply curious to see more of them together if the opportunity presents itself.

If you look closely you can see how much cult slasher films are an inspiration for this and if you’re a fan of the 80s vibe you will enjoy Killing The Dance as I did, especially if you’re a fan of Friday the 13th.

DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology

The Halloween Blizzard of ’91 written and directed by Brett DeJager

This tale brings back Halloween roots with trick or treating. It stars Allen Regimbal and Katie Walgrave and mixes two different worlds that collide in Halloween with Santa Claus luring kids to get away with him and three little freaks who lure other kids to their sick game of trick or treat.

It’s a disturbing short with a deep storyline that shows how much Santa Claus can be a sick twisted character. It made me cringe a bit while watching but in a good way. The disappointing point that I must add is the acting which is pretty cheesy and definitely distracting.

This segment was written and directed by the master behind Bonejangles which my colleague Stacy Cox reviewed last year.DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology

The Samhain Slasherwritten and directed by Rocky Gray

The last tale that 10/31 has to offer is The Samhain Slasher. It stars Greg Fallon, Jordan Phipps, Hanleigh Baker and tells the story of a serial killer named Samuel LeCroix coming back to hunt on Halloween as he did one year prior.

DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology

10/31 ends with a bang, mixing different elements in horrors such as an Ouija board, spooky Halloween costumes and a killer eager to kill. What more can we ask to finish an anthology? Well, this. It has everything you wish in horror, including gruesome deaths and eerie atmosphere.

I had a problem with the cinematography and acting on this one as they seemed a bit off and amateur, but after watching all of the tales and finishing off with Malvolia as the wicked and dangerous host, you forgive every single low detail I mentioned just now.

A huge congratulation to Hunter Johnson and Jennifer Nangle who nailed the Malvolia segment once again.DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology

In Conclusion

I admired how every single tale of 10/31 has a different vision for Halloween yet they all have the same inspiration and they all work together perfectly. Even though I wasn’t impressed by all of them, Killing The Dance definitely stood out for me as the most artistic one.

10/31 deserves a lot of praise for all the love for the genre and for all the new filmmakers that bring so much more diversity to it. I’m happy to be a part of this horror family with my vision and I hope someday I will be a part of some horror anthology like this!

Let’s cheer for a bloody entertainment in 2018!

DecayMag.com, 10/31, Anthology



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