666 PM  Goes Further With Comedy-Horror Roots

666 PM Film Details DecayMag.com Director:  Jim Klock Writer: Tommy McLaughlin, Chad Ridgely 6:66 pm

Director: Jim Klock

Writer: Tommy McLaughlin, Chad Ridgely

Release Date:

4 November 2017 (Film Festival Premiere)

7 November 2017 (VOD)

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy/Horror

Running Time: 90 min


A reality TV crew’s staged investigation into the paranormal becomes terrifyingly real when the house they’re exploring turns out to be haunted by the ghost of a serial killer.


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666 PM brings back the comedy and the team behind Jim Klock’s Massacre On Aisle 12. I was excited to have reviewed 6:66 PM since I had the pleasure to watch and review Massacre early this year. This time around they added Tommy McLaughlin to the writing team. Chad Ridgely returns as lead and writer of the film, Jim Klock returns as the director and the lead of the film and Michael Buonomo returns and a member of the cast. The team is back and better than ever!

Cast overview

Jim Klock…Daniel

Chad Ridgely…Peter

Alexis Kelley…Sheryl

Autumn Federici…Lorraine

Michael Buonomo…Emmett

Robin F. Baker…Stan

Scott Burkhardt…Jimmy Timmy Beck

Michael D. Moore…Detective

Bobby Liga…Police Officer

Mike Capozzi… Voices

666 PM tells the story of a group of reality TV (Klock, Ridgely, Kelley and Federici) who pretend to have abilities to chase ghosts, cast them out and record them. When they are faced with a real haunted house and creepy cats coming back from the dead, they act as silly and as fun as you can imagine. Following their inner guts and being predictable as the usual horror characters you’re familiar with, they’ll still blow your mind because their actions are over the top funny. 666 PM is a blast.

DecayMag.com Director:  Jim Klock Writer: Tommy McLaughlin, Chad Ridgely 6:66 pm


As a vivid fan of their first collaboration, Chad Ridgely and Jim Klock still got it after Massacre On Aisle 12. This time they team up with another writer, a fresh new cast with a familiar face and a new evil! 666 PM got me interested from the beginning on when I realized it would turn out to be a mixture of supernatural, possessions and slasher. I really do believe that there’s not a lot of comedy-horror with a hint of supernatural out there. Or at all. Comedy-horror usually blends with guts, gore and gruesome deaths. It’s been done a million times and after the subject was brilliantly exposed on their previous film, I was happy to see a new take on 666 PM.

The film’s best element is the comic relief. You do laugh out loud a bunch of times while watching it. The writing is pretty sharp and electric and there are so many moments to remember. Every single character as a moment to shine and that’s pretty amazing for an indie budget film. The writing really is intelligent here. As silly as the scene goes, we feel close to the characters as we have enough time to build a safety net with each one of them. The scenes get crazier and crazier. It’s difficult not to be immersed by the film’s comic quality.

DecayMag.com Director:  Jim Klock Writer: Tommy McLaughlin, Chad Ridgely 6:66 pm

It’s hard to tell which performance is the best because I did love them all. There are some cheesy scenes and moments that could’ve been better with much more time for rehearsal but overall it works. Michael Buonomo definitely shines at 666 PM as a pseudo-serial killer and has a pretty intense monologue that blew my mind. Same for Chad Ridgely’s cheerful moment when his character shares a past story with his colleagues that turns out to be really messed up and embarrassing. That scene made me laugh so much. Each performance was epic because each character was perfectly written out and each actor had the opportunity to give their best- we do feel their love for comedy right here. 666 PM is a love letter to comedy and it deserves a lot of credit.

Although the film results as successive moments of laughter, it does have its problems. As the cinematography goes, it really seems like an amateur film. It’s really a bummer sometimes because I do want to love the film in its entire form and even though I know it’s not their idea to focus on detail and cinematography, it kind of disappoints at times. The colour correction doesn’t seem to be finished in some of the shots, especially in the beginning where the crew arrives at the haunted house; the shots aren’t the best ones, the frames weren’t right most of the time, it seemed like they decided briefly to put the camera on a tripod and that’s it.

There’s a lot of work behind establishing each shot and I think Jim Klock should invest working on it for his next feature… it could help with the aesthetic of the film. The film could’ve deserved an intensive score as well to get out as much horror as it can alongside its picture.

DecayMag.com Director:  Jim Klock Writer: Tommy McLaughlin, Chad Ridgely 6:66 pm

In Conclusion

666 PM is the perfect film for a great slumber party with close friends. It has horror, great writing and performances and a lot of fun moments. It does relax you as well, so if you’re coming out of a stressful day at work, grab your remote and watch 666 PM. It’s coming soon on VOD so what are you waiting for?



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