7 Witches Casts Spellbinding Cinematography

7 Witches Film Details DecayMag.com Ed Dougherty, Brady Hall 7 Witches

Director: Brady Hall

Writer: Brady Hall, Ed Dougherty

Release Date: April 14, 2017

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes


Kate travels with her former fiance Cody to the house of her estranged parents for the wedding of her lesbian sister Aggie with Rose. Kate and Cody pose as if they were engaged and after the lunch party with her family, they head to a remote place where Rose’s family lives. They have dinner with the weird family of Rose that wears black and they go to the beach for the pagan ceremony. However Kate and her aunt Paula stay behind since Paula is not feeling well. Soon they discover the creepy secret of the dark family.


7 Witches has released on April 14, 2017. The Horror, Thriller stars

Rose (portrayed by Golombek) and Agatha (portrayed by Hensley) unite their families for their wedding ceremony. While Rose and her family struggle to settle their differences and confrontations, Agatha and her family hide a secret that even Rose was blind to. When she discovers this secret, it is too late to change things, as she loses her family one by one. It is up to Agatha to save the day.DecayMag.com. Brady Hall, Ed Dougherty, Indican Pictures. 7 Witches


The cinematography fits the tone of the movie very well. It’s a soft, but dark lighting. After this initial scene, the filming technique changes to traditional lighting, color, and tone with a darker, simplistic tone that interweaves in key scenes. There is no overuse of CGI effects, which is a great thing. Witches are usually dark and morbid, so the cinematography should complement this aura.

The cast performances are bland, but I want to give big notice to Persephone Apostolou. She maintains a no nonsense demeanor and puts on a great heroine performance, which is very beneficial to the other characters and the story. Danika Golombek has a very condescending, naive, foolish, and annoying character, but she pulls this off very well.

The Sklar Family: Agatha, Henry (Rory Ross), Warren (Bill Ritchie), Elizabeth (Kay LaVergne Jaz), Elanor (Nancy Frye), Anne (Kris Keppeler), and Marinus (Gordon Frye) put on exceptional performances of a witch coven. Very dark, reserved, and repressed characters, as witches were once portrayed prior to modern day advances.DecayMag.com. Brady Hall, Ed Dougherty, Indican Pictures. 7 Witches

7 Witches offer an intriguing plot that could have expanded more in terms of action. There are quite a few scenes that drag and makes the viewer lose interest until the next exciting event pops up. This film is not much of a Thriller. It’s more of a Drama, Mystery, and Suspense as far as the genre goes.

Kristine Hawthorne provided the costume selections and she does well on the wardrobe, showing great knowledge of the subject of witch covens and their clothing. Sasha Glasser, Portia Malia Imle, and Arianna Scott shine in the makeup technique.

The score is a superb complement to the film. These selections are a slate of dramatic instrumentals that fit the tone. Brady Hall served as the film composer. With the advanced technology and cinematography, directors and filmmakers have lost sight of quality special effects. The violence and kill scenes in 7 Witches fair well and avoid being mediocre.

DecayMag.com Ed Dougherty, Brady Hall 7 Witches


While the plot has potential, the execution delves into familiar territory. It becomes almost a cliche when you think about all the other like-minded movies seen. Films with the witches theme seem to fall into the same premise. The template is as follows: a coven has is discovered and banished, years later they return with a vengeance. An unfortunate family inhabits their land and become victims of hauntings. Just like any other theme, there are a few gems that bring something unique and groundbreaking.

There’s not a big scare factor in the film. There are scenes that are shock-worthy as far as what is happening and when the viewer discovers what the Sklar Family is and their dark intentions.

In Conclusion

7 Witches is a good cinematic experience. The darkness of the film, equipped with the dramatic score provides a good balance to the blandness. The ending was a shocking, but a relief from how I assumed it would end.

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