A.I. Tales Sinks In Your Mind; Every Short Delivers Substance

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Nelson Lee
Kristen Hilkert
Amir Reichart
Vitaly Verlov

Release Date: July 13th

Release Format: Limited Release
(Black Box Theater in LA) and Amazon

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Shorts/Sci-Fi


Collection of short sci-fi stories distributed by Hewes Pictures.


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AI Tales Is An Anthology Of Powerful Sci-Fi Visuals

From Press Release:

The film is made up of futuristic, high concept stories about artificial intelligence. Whether it’s love found in time of over-population or exploration of the unknown and space-travel, “A.I. Tales” has a bit of something for every fan of the genre. Altogether, these stories provide a one-of-a-kind experience and a unique view of the near future.

A.I. Tales is a Sci-Fi Anthology that includes SEED directed by Nelson Lee, IN/FINITE directed by Kristen Hilkert, PHOENIX 9 directed by Amir Reichart and REDUX directed by Vitaly Verlov.



A.I. Tales is a Black Mirror-inspired Sci-Fi anthology. I analyzed a while back both trailers for Seed and Redux and I was thrilled to watch the final product. I perceived I was going to encounter a curious collection of Sci-Fi stories when I watched the trailers. I wanted it to be like Imitation Girl, which I idolize, but it failed to go there. A.I. Tales isn’t bad though; it delivered in emotion, drama and it’s essentially about your choices in life, whether you’re fully conscious of your future or not and how to say goodbye to the people you love even though you don’t feel at home with them.

As a whole, A.I. Tales is a powerful and impressive artistic movie about human relationships and it takes Sci-Fi to another level which, for me, is great, but it isn’t for every single Sci-Fi fan. It doesn’t have any Artificial Intelligence or any aliens, yet the focus here is more on the mind and your reflection with life itself.

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The minor problem I had with the movie was the loss of music for the most part. When I checked out the trailer for the initial segment Seed directed by Nelson Lee, it reminded me of “Somersault” by Decoder Ring but sadly this peculiar song isn’t in it, which is a let down since we don’t have any music on the final credits.


In a future where draconian laws are enforced to combat over-population, Nathan’s 40th birthday will be his last. Amidst a parade of family and friends saying their goodbyes, an old lover emerges from his past. In the end, how much will he be willing to sacrifice in order to get back the life that was lost?

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The World’s population has reached catastrophic levels, selective culling became a law in response.

To save his family, a father resolves to say goodbye on his 40th birthday. A strong and sincere performance from all the actors involved. The idea of celebrating a birthday with a goodbye mixes up the insanity in A.I. Tales and how the story grows with the character and his relations with friends and family is noteworthy. Seed is the finest choice to open A.I. Tales.

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The story of Jane, the lonesome, charming black sheep of her family. She’s a young woman with the uncontrollable urge to leave this Earth, as sometimes having a family and friends who love you doesn’t outweigh the inexplicable pull towards something – greater. When she’s accepted into the Mars One Astronaut program, she makes her life’s toughest decision and a trip home to say goodbye. Not being able to bring herself to tell her family that it’s goodbye forever, our film takes place at a going away party where nothing is as it seems, and every word holds more weight than the last. Full of banter, heartfelt humanity and a splash of science fiction, IN/FINITE takes us on a very honest journey of what it takes to leave this planet for what can only be described as: the unknown.

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Kristen Hilkert directs a charming family-drama followup where Jane played by Ashlee Mundy (producer as well) takes a job far away from home and appreciates her last hours with her family and friends. There’s another moment of hyperbole in this short and it’s fascinating to see Jane interact with every single character in the narrative and to realize that everyone is enjoying their life and that they can live a joyful life without considering to go so far away from home. She feels devoted to them and their story, melancholy to leave but in the end, she doesn’t feel at home at all.

There’s a scene that left me speechless where Jane is in front of an open door which seems like a closet and you can’t see what’s on the other side… It really transcribes how the consequences of our decisions are constantly in the dark. Seed and IN/FINITE work majestically together side-by-side.

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Phoenix 9

After a global nuclear war has turned earth into a scorched wasteland, a struggling group of survivors discovers a secret installation that offers a new beginning – but not without a catch.

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Every short has an intense climax near the end. This short must have the most powerful. I can’t state much about it though, but you’ll have to watch to sense it. Phoenix 9 concentrate on the survival of mankind and how far would you go to have a happier life.

Amir Reichart directs Phoenix 9 which has the power and material to be exploited into a feature.

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A scientist must send a warning message through time before he gets killed by an assault team.

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Redux is written and directed by Vitaly Verlov and includes a cameo appearance by Eric Roberts. Even though his part is undoubtedly limited, Roberts delivers an impressive presence on screen.

Redux tells the story of a scientist played by Russell Bradley Fenton that must deliver a warning message through time. This one ties completely with Phoenix 9 on the level of survival. Definitely worth a peek and Fenton delivers an outstanding performance.

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In Conclusion

As an anthology A.I. Tales works because each story bears a profound matter of how the future might become and the decisions we choose in life. I don’t have a lot of information about the construction of the anthology itself and if the shorts were written and directed especially for this feature. They don’t link with each other but the cinematography fitted entirely with the spirit of each short. Even how the shorts are shot and edited. I felt like I was watching a full feature with four original narratives, and that’s positive.


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