The Acid Sorcerers A Fun Yet Deceiving Underground Tale.

The Acid Sorcerers Film Details Dakota Bailey The Acid Sorcerer

Director: Dakota Bailey 

Writer: Dakota Bailey

Release Date: August 2017

Release Format: Home Video

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 50 Mins


The Acid Sorcerer is a dark and nihilistic horror film that borders between fiction and reality. It introduces the viewer to a serial killer, a drug addicted couple, a sadistic drug dealer, a cross dressing snuff filmmaker and a prostitute who has HIV. The characters embrace their inner darkness, struggle with morality, come to terms with their mortality and ultimately meet their demise.


I didn’t know writer & director Dakota Bailey until I had the opportunity of watching his latest film, The Acid Sorcerer distributed by R.A. Productions (American Scumbags, My Master Satan). The Acid Sorcerer is an underground hardcore tale about life, death, its decreases, and addictions. It’s surprising, actually. I’m not a fan of these type of films but Dakota puts his heart into these raw videos and you can enjoy most of it because they’re not that explicit, unfortunately.


Dakota Bailey as Smoke

Darien Fawkes as Crawdad

Brian Knapp as Eyevin

Natasha Morgan as Vermina

Nick Benning as Nikki

Selene Velveteen as Ecstasy

Fred Epstein as The Cemetery Worker

Larry Bay as Ronny the Roach Dakota Bailey The Acid Sorcerer


I must praise the plot and how the characters interact with each other. Being this an underground and low budget film, the story is entertaining and the characters even though overacted in every single scene; they are funny and engaging. I wasn’t expecting anything and I was surprised, I must say. I laughed and it wasn’t laughing because it was bad, there is something on Bailey’s work that fascinates me. I love how he’s trying to express himself through these sorts of demons and being cliché but fun and twisted.

I felt engaged, and it was fresh and new. Maybe because I’m not attracted to these types of films but I felt something. These are interesting concepts and I wish Bailey had pushed them harder. If it’s done right and with better techniques and equipment, I think his work could be groundbreaking in the underground atmosphere. Dakota Bailey The Acid Sorcerer


When I think about underground films about drugs, serial killers, death and addiction I’m expecting a little more of cruelty and deranging images. I mean, you can, Bailey. I think your fans would love that. That should be the principal problem I have with this tale. There is a lot of flaws, don’t get me wrong, the editing, performances, and sound are much messed up and you can feel that this film is amateurish in every way but when you discard these technical and directing problems and when you accept Bailey’s vision, you hope to expect more of horror and flesh than exposed. That’s the main flaw of the film. I didn’t feel scared or disgusted, and I’m easily thrown away. Maybe the black and white tone isn’t working? Dakota Bailey The Acid Sorcerer

In Conclusion

Next time, go harder, Bailey. You are on a great path of self-discovering and sharing your own vision, but you’re not there yet. If I were you, I would help out Bailey and his production to get a budget for his next film on IndieGoGo.

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Filmmaker and aspiring director. David was born in France and lived most of his life in Portugal. He has a Licence in Cinema, a professional degree in Directing Films and he took some workshops about Filmmaking and Dubbing Animation. He loves photography and Lomography, music and cinema. In 2007 he directed and starred in the low-budget short-film "Sweet Madness", two years later he wrote, directed and composed for "the continuous noise" ("o ruido contínuo"). He wrote, produced & directed his first horror short-film "Girls Night".


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