Adam de la Cour’s Mr. Topps Ventures into Surreal

Adam de la Cour’s Mr. Topps Film Review Adam de la Cour's Mr. Topps

Adam de la Cour’s Mr. Topps is a film short the runs just over ten minutes in length. The film will release as add bonus material to the upcoming Return To Return To Nuke ‘Em High Vol .2 Blu-Ray. Information on de la Cour’s film is not available on

The email we received from de la Cour noted on Lloyd Kaufman’s cameo in the film. Kaufman entertained Horror enthusiasts over thirty years with some of the most memorable B-movies. Topps Kaufman joins the cast of Mr. Topps. Most of the performers in the troupe bear the surname; de la Cour.


Fade in:

An unsuspecting victim is bound to a chair. The prisoner is in a predicament that can be best described as a day in the life of a Guantanamo Bay prisoner. Mr. Topps captivates with an ominous introduction. The opening scene and the building tension keep the audience interested.

Adam  de la Cour offers examples of refined camera work. The majority of the film occurs within an interrogation room setting. Thus, creativity finds employment through the camera lens. Given the restriction of a confined space, this is impressive.

With storyline, the element is intriguing. From conception, Mr. Topps plays as a Mystery, Thriller. The contribution of Horror-centric visuals is minimal. Adding to the uncanniness of the film is the cast or characters. Those suffering from coulrophobia may want to avoid Mr. Topps. Let’s pause there for a moment. Adam de la Cour’s film may not appeal to many. The defining moments to Act III adds credibility to the latter. Adam de la Cour's Mr. Topps


The reveal proves to be the disastrous point of the film. Viewers trek through a haunting narrative path only to become subjected to a lampoon. The comedic effect takes center stage in Adam de la Cour’s film. Yet, this hampers what could have been a well conceived Thriller. It is difficult to define Mr. Topps with a particular genre of terrifying standards. In fact, a frightening experience it is not. In contrast, the same sentiment can be said toward’s the comedic effect of the film.

The portrayal felt dry and lacked emotional content. Gags and punch lines find delivery coming short of intended effectiveness.

In conclusion:

Adam de la Cour’s Mr. Topps presents good visual direction. Yet Mr. Topps falls short on storytelling. Comedy is the central theme yet portrays hampered execution.

Mr. Topps will appeal to a cult following that appreciates the stylistics presented.  The campiness and B-movie aesthetic is entertaining in its own right.

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