Agatha, Introduces Terror With Dynamic Horror Short

Agatha earns DecayMag Premier Award for narrative originality. Production quality is outstanding with an emphasis on set lighting. Child Actress, Louise Ogle demonstrates impressive talent in her performance.



Film Details

Director: Timothy Timothy Vandenberg Agathaerg


Release Date: Film Festival Circulation

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short, Horror, Mystery

Running Time: 9 minutes


Young Sophie has been hired to bring food every night to a mysterious old woman who is locked in an attic. Is the old woman a prisoner? Is she dangerous?  Each night, as Sophie completes her task, her curiosity draws her closer and closer to what might be her last meal


Agatha is a Horror short film. Timothy Vandenberg serves as the director to what is considered a narrative supplement. With a running time of eight minutes thirty seconds, Agatha explores Horror ventures. The production does so without the aid of common story fundamentals.

Presented is a creature concept. Is the film based on supernatural or natural afflictions? This will be explored soon. Yet, the narrative offered is enough to settle audiences into full-feature release. In fact, Vandenberg provided the following statement;

“We are currently packaging a feature film version!”

Timothy Vandenberg, Director Agatha Timothy Vandenberg Agatha


Agatha is a solid Horror production. The opening sentence of this review section is as straightforward as it can get. The reason? Contained within this short film is a creative construct of visual and audio elements. Impressive is the subtle yet effective set up for a tragic final reveal.

In the opening frame, a haunting soundtrack embraces viewers. A shot of a home, colonial in appearance materializes into view. This particular scene extends for thirty seconds. Yet, the delivery provides an adequate foundation of interest. Scenes that follow build in crescendo each adding a layer of uncertainty and dread.

The employment of artistic lighting effects optimizes each setting. From a technical standpoint, lighting plays a defining role in Agatha. A highlight to this production aspect involves the delicate presentation of the titular character.

A grotesque hand emerges from the shadow. The view cuts to a medium shot of Agatha’s bruised foot. A quick cut returns to her hand as it claws and pulls a dish into the cover of darkness. Without the use of creative lighting, this scene would have zero effect as a Horror build.

In the post-production arena, an adequate insertion of color correction replicates classic ambiance. Agatha is a period piece set in 1800’s Pennsylvania. Careful attention went into the wardrobe, props, and dialogue to construct the intended era.

Practical effects make a dramatic entrance in the final minutes to ACT III. The make-up design used to bring the titular character to life is exceptional. The render embraces an original human-creature concept.

Child actress Louise Ogle portrays Sophie with utmost skill. Her interaction with the environment and cast has a convincing approach. Ogle’s role is central in the film short, Agatha. A young actress starring as the lead in a Horror production, this in itself is impressive. Timothy Vandenberg Agatha


Ogle looking off camera to what may be a distraction. Except for this, Timothy Vandenberg’s Horror short does not offer any negatives to document.

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