Alien Reign of Man, An Invasion Of A Confusing Mess

Alien Reign of Man Film Details Justin Price Alien Reign of Man

Director: Justin Price

Writer: Justin Price

Release Date:

1st August 2017

14th November 2017

Release Format:



MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Sci-Fi

Running Time: 85 min


Stranded on a distant planet, a team must fight aliens and activate a machine meant to restore Earth to a time before its downfall.


Justin Price directed horror features in the past like The Cloth, Dark Moon Rising, Forsaken, but Alien Reign of Man it’s his first attempt on the Sci-Fi Universe.

I read some amazing thoughts about the trailer for Alien Reign of Man. I watched it and it caught my eye even though I knew it was cheesy. I thought it would be a Sharknado-like stereotyped SyFy film, bad but still fun – and we love it on a rainy Sunday afternoon. When I watched Price’s film, after the first 15 minutes I knew it wasn’t the case… Justin Price Alien Reign of Man


The only positive feeling I had after watching the film was that it was over. I know its harsh, but it’s the truth. I stayed bored all the way but for the most part; I was confused and angry. I can find positive things to write about it… Oh, ok, maybe the atmosphere and the environment of the ship felt believable and suspenseful, sometimes. The opening credits were well done especially the mixture of the visuals and the score. The score felt fine but for many scenes, it seemed overused. It appears to just fill the void on screen due to lack of shots and that’s not a smart editing decision.

The only smart thing about this film was the marketing during its post-production phase. The trailer is superb, and it overbalances the awful poster. Many articles online compare the film to Alien: Covenant due to the title and it follows the release of Ridley Scott‘s film. Justin Price Alien Reign of Man


Almost everything. There wasn’t a story per se on Alien: Reign of Man… well there’s a synopsis but I was so lost watching the film. Due to the horrible editing, I couldn’t understand what was going on. The performances were a mess, every single one of them, shockingly bad. There wasn’t any essence on them at all. It seemed like they were reading a script on spot and that every first take was the final one they decided on the editing. Yeah, it’s that bad, and I can go on.

There were silent moments during dialogues I couldn’t understand what happening since there weren’t any emotions whatsoever, no visual interactions to keep us entertained, nothing! We are watching actors walk around and say dumb things about things with the blandest faces you can imagine. Justin Price Alien Reign of Man

Most of the cast worked with Price before, either they’re plain soulless or has he a problem directing them? Any of those options are valid but unfortunately, the film can’t be rescued by any of the actors. The cinematography was cold and insipid in every single shot. In a film where there isn’t any emotion on screen or on paper, color grading it with blue and gray tones isn’t the best idea.

It’s hard to refute some creative visions of directors but in this case, I felt there isn’t a good explanation for these kinds of errors. The special effects felt cartoonish and unfinished, the makeup and wardrobe were some of the worst I may have seen in the past few years, and I’ve watched a lot of low budget short films… I even directed some.

Most shots during dialogues – and there were a lot of them – were problematic. We couldn’t follow when characters were talking to each other. They were often not facing the camera during a long period and that wasn’t justified at all. How is that on purpose? At some point, I had to follow their faces and mouths to understand what they were saying due of some unsynchronized sound. Hell, even important subjects about the story are skipped…

What is Terminus? What is phasing? What is the Spire? Who/what are the Order?

None of this is explained. It feels like Price has a complex Sci-Fi idea in his mind and fails in every section to translate it to us. He loves films but he can’t share his ideas on paper and on screen and when that happens more than once maybe something is wrong from the start. Justin Price Alien Reign of Man

In Conclusion:

Alien: Reign of Man don’t watch it. Someone, please tell Price to stop making films. He should learn first to write a story, to develop it, to work it with its actors and crew. After watching the film I felt curious reading reviews just to be sure I wasn’t alone on this one. I read some hard harsh opinions out there. We shouldn’t believe everything we read but sometimes when story repeats itself you should just rethink about your errors and try better next time. Here, the better option is to practice, practice, practice.

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