Alienators, The. A Close Encounter With Comedy With UFO Seriousness Far Far Away 

Alienators, The. Film Christopher Farley The Alienators The Ufologist

Director: Christopher Farley

Writer: Christopher Farley

Release Date: 21 March 2017 (USA)

Release Format: Video On Demand

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Running Time: 1h 53min


Two amateur Ufologists investigate a woman’s claim that aliens are watching her. Two weeks later, she disappears under mysterious circumstances. During a missing persons investigation, confiscated footage leaks onto the internet, receiving over 2 million hits in just 3 hours before the authorities take it down. But many who saw the footage say it contained the most compelling and terrifying evidence of alien existence ever captured. This is that footage, compiled and released by The Civilian Department of Ufology, a privately owned UFO research and investigation organization.


UFOlogy is a serious study that encompasses the existence of extraterrestrial life. From visitation to Earth to evidence of life on neighboring space satellites. Researchers have dedicated time to build credibility in the field. This is crucial since the UFO’s and the study thereof are always under scrutiny from the mainstream. From ancient alien studies to theories on visitation UFOlogy has grown in popularity. Many entertainment mediums have strayed from typical alien invasion to deliver insight on the research.  A recent rise in films and television programs have offered a new focus on the topic of alien visitation.

Many entertainment mediums have strayed from typical alien invasion to deliver insight on the research.  A recent rise in films and television programs have offered a new focus on the topic of alien visitation and influence.

The Alienators is the latest film to present UFOlogy as part of the narrative. Director, Writer Christopher Farley strays from the seriousness of the topic. This is a stark contrast from similarly themed productions on the market today. Farley opts to use comedy to deliver the topic of extraterrestrial visitation.

The Alienators was originally titled The UFOlogost. A different synopsis was aslo provided. According to the film is described as follows:

A foul-mouthed, unemployed air guitar enthusiast moonlights as a UFOlogist. He stumbles across the most important case of alien visitation since Roswell – unfortunately.

Although the title and synopsis had a dramatic change the comedic element remained. Christopher Farley The Alienators The Ufologist


The Alienators presents a stock of impressive computer generated effects. The alien sightings and UFOs look authentic. The word “authentic” is subjective of course. The Greys, are a reference to the class of alien creatures documented in UFO accounts. From an artistic view, these visuals provide a good interpretation of purported encounters.

The found footage cinematic effect offers a sense of realism. Yet, this technique only intensifies the terrifying encounter with extraterrestrial entities and experience. Christopher Farley The Alienators The Ufologist


Actor Derek Reckley’s onscreen antics was outright annoying. There was no substance to this character and the way he operates. What’s his connection with audiences? Buffoonery? The acting felt strained and if trying too hard to come across and humorous.

Alycia Tracy’s role as Jessa Gwilliams is set up as the typical UFO loon. The character comes off as an unreliable eyewitness that can be discredited with ease. Tracy’s role could have had a better structure. Even for a comedy, a robust insight and background would aid in the character’s believability. Tracy’s seems to be more grounded in her acting in comparison to the comic relief surrounding her.

To compound, the problem is the set-up of the storyline. The opening sequence of Act I consists of a series of text superimposed on the screen. With this presentation, its assumed the film will trek into a topic of serious tonality. That is not the case as the film develops and that’s unfortunate.

The found footage aspect loses its mystic with the unnecessary comedic appeal. The film now becomes a view into a performance rather than a view into “actual” events. Christopher Farley The Alienators The Ufologist

In conclusion

Filmmaker Christopher Farley aimed for the stars with The Alienators. The film caters to a small demographic, those that perceive the film as humorous entertainment. The other slate of audiences will perceive the comedy as unwarranted and overdone. Even the actions committed in the story are a leap backward for the topic of UFOlogy. Opinion has a reservation with the latter. The Alienators focuses more on shameless comedy and one man’s lax outlook on life.

The extraterrestrial theme is built around this one obnoxious character. Its understood that The Alienators is a comedy with Sci-Fi elements. Yet, there needs to be a marriage of both genres, a well- blended presentation casting both themes in a good light. Ivan Reitman‘s paranormal comedy and Paul Feig‘s buffoonery reboot of the concept best sums this explanation.

The Alienators had potentail but falls short on pairing UFOlogy and comedy.

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  1. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about this film going in, but was pleasantly surprised when it went down the comedy path instead of the standard overly serious tone. Vic’s over-the-top antics were a complete 180 from what I was expecting, refreshingly so. I thought this was well crafted and a completely unique take on the genre. This should be a TV series on Netflix, they could mine a lot of territory with this cast and the creatives.

  2. I strongly disagree! Not sure what movie you watched, but I recommend a second pass. It’s clearly a comedy, where the Director has fun with UFO Chasers. Most all movies in this genre are serious and want you to believe in alien life. He pokes fun at that concept and yet respects the science behind it with Scott. Lighten up Ken and laugh once in a while.

    • Thank you for your opinion.

      I agree to disagree. Our viewing had a third pass. The comedic element hovers on buffoonery. Pun intended. There are a great many films that blend Horror and Sci-Fi with Comedy well. These productions didn’t rely on cheap antics but comedy itself.

      Also, you mention the respecting of the science behind “UFO chasers”.

      In the film, the protagonist works as a UFO researcher despite failing an open-book exam many times over. His customer service and professionalism are absent. His initial disregard to the investigation is also questionable. This doesn’t project researchers in a good light. Of course, this is a film for entertainment value. Once Again, Thank you for your comment.

  3. Wow. I just watched this movie and googled for more info and came across your review. First of all, if you would like to receive some criticism, I found your prose rather dull, flat and condescending. Not to mention sloppy. You repeat the same paragraph twice at the beginning, by the way. It’s not that long of an article that one might show a little pride in their craft with a careful proof reading. Now, about the review itself. Saying that the film has a small audience is laughable. How is either comedy or science fiction a small audience? Even more frustrating to me is how you compare a movie that probably cost under a hundred thousand dollars to big budget studio films! It’s because of reviewers like you who don’t support original concepts that we get nothing but reboots, remakes and other crap. I work as an accountant but even I know enough to recognize something unique about The Alienators. When the main character was introduced, I didn’t really like him much, either. Loved his assistant and the woman from the get-go. But, curiously, by the end of the film (and I don’t know where) I found myself liking Vic. And I realized the reason was that he actually had a very complex character arc that you didn’t even seem to recognize. Nor did you mention the terrific chemistry he had with his assistant. Or the unusual unpredictability of the whole thing. Not and easy task these days. I have actually known people like Vic. They do exist. And while I read in one of your responses to someone else that the film doesn’t respect the science, you obviously aren’t familiar with the field of ufology, despite your rather uniformed blurb about it at the beginning of your review. As someone interested in this field for some time, I found the “alien” aspects of the film to be dead-on accurate. You incorrectly judge the film’s intent. What the film satires are the multitude of quacks out there who dilute the potentially authentic evidence with fictional bs. Coast to Coast is a big proponent of creating a platform for hundreds of quacks trying to make money off of their evidence-free accounts and theories. So no wonder a guy like Vic acts the way he does after investigating so many false reports and hoaxes. The fact that you wanted him to take it seriously right from the start, obviously uncreative and uninspired (like your writing), simply tells me what a lazy reviewer and storyteller you are. Don’t get me started on some of your reviews of films you seemed to like that are just plain awful. Do us all a favor. If you don’t like films, don’t review them. If you do, try and take some writing classes to make your reviews a little more interesting and informed. Because the biggest error you made about the film is that, at least in my opinion, it is neither a comedy or sci-fi film. It’s a love story.

    • As vindictive, speculative and erroneous your comment may be I thank you for your opinion. To disguise retaliation as criticism is baseless and inequitable. Even so, it is comments such as these that aid my development as an artist, writer, and person. Am not going to dissect your comment but I will follow with some counterpoints:

      * The film has a small audience and it does. You erroneously suspected I meant genres.
      * You erroneously insinuate am comparing film production when am comparing film concepts
      * Your bias statement on original concepts, reboots, remakes shows a lack of understanding of our standing toward these productions.
      * You erroneously tag the film’s genre with personal interpretation. Please visit IMDB to pacify this speculation.

      Your comment as a whole reflects your personal views. However, for your closing remarks on films you deem awful is hypocritical to your point(s) to this film. Do not offer counsel to pick and choose what to publish as I can not counsel you on your field of a financier. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in a professional manner. Your disapproval to our review is welcome and accepted.


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