Altered Perception Shows Potential,Fails To Deliver Final Climax, Altered Perception, Kate Reese Davies

Altered Perception. Film Details.

Director: Kate Rees Davies


Jon  Huertas

Jennifer  Blanc

Travis  Romero

Release Date: May 4th, 2018

Release Format: Limited Theatres and VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Thriller/Sci-Fi

Running Time: 73 min

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A drug that alters perceptions during trauma and stress, is being advertised as a cure for socio-political tensions. Several couples volunteer for human trials but end up with more than they bargained for.



Altered Perception is the directorial debut of Kate Rees Davies and has a script by White Collar creator Travis Romero, from a story by stars Jon Huertas and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn.

From the press release:

When  the  government  attempts  to  produce  a  designer  drug  aimed  at  correcting  the  false perceptions  that  people  develop  during  trauma  and  stress,  the  implications  are  deadly. Advertised  as  a  cure  for  socio-political  tensions,  four  couples  volunteer,  but  end up with far  more  than  they  bargained  for  as  their  past  and  present  are  examined  while  taking  variations  of  the  new  drug.    However,  this  causes  them  to  doubt  their  own  memory,  perceptions  –and  even  their  own  sanity  in  this  thriller  in  the  vein  of  Disturbing  Behavior and The  Faculty.


Jon Huertas as Andrew
Jennifer Blanc as Lorie
Mark Burnham as Walter
Jade Tailor as Kristina
Matthew Ziff as Justin
Emrhys Cooper as Steven
Hallie Jordan as Emily
Aileen Burdock as Claudia
Nichola Fynn as Beth, Altered Perception, Kate Reese Davies


When I first read the synopsis of Altered Perception, I was right on interested. It’s not a horror movie whatsoever, and it’s more of a drama than a thriller but it gets on your toes enough to keep you invested.

Altered Perception has a strong cast ensemble and a narrative that should hold the viewer interested. I normally like different story-lines that mesh together such as The Air I Breathe or Crash. In Altered Perception, you get to watch three couples fight for their convictions and their relationships while being administered on a designer drug that corrects false perceptions. Their performances are overall believable and the approach of being filmed and filming themselves on an everyday basis works admirably.

You get invested in the characters, on their transformation and you might root for their love in the outcome. The three couples suffer from the same core trauma where trust and resentment come together. It’s all about cheating and faith issues. They’re all unique in detail but overall the scheme is the same which is real and relatable in our daily life as well, moving the movie and its concept closer to the viewer as possible., Altered Perception, Kate Reese Davies

The cinematography worked with pleasant colours, and the editing was fluid but I had a tremendous problem with the opening credits and the ultimate sentences appearing on screen. The font wasn’t the finest choice; it seemed like I was watching a Lifetime TV movie. Altered Perception has a lot of potentials and it merited to be treated that way. I would’ve opened with a sentence about the drug, for instance, and worked with intriguing music other than starting off with parts and fragments of what we are going to watch with an excessive action music attached to it… it felt sloppy and unfinished which was a letdown.

As I expressed above, the script is fresh and imaginative but it failed to develop depth on the second fraction of the movie especially on its final climax. When I commenced feeling the rush of adrenaline, the screen went black leaving the viewer to interpret a bunch of sentences to conclude its story… I was wondering if what I just witnessed was worthy of my time after-all…

In Conclusion

The concept of Altered Perception is magnificent and breaks boundaries in this indie drama. Unfortunately, the complication here is the lack of depth of the aftermath wherein the end you feel like you’ve watched only a preliminary idea other than an advancement for a solution. What you see is what you get, really. There is a final moment that might leave you a bit surprised but it neglects to deliver a stronger climax that Altered Perception needed and justified.


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