Amanda Goodman’s You Only Die Once -Film Review

Amanda Goodman Delivers Comedy, more Comedy, and Horror in Film Short

Director: Amanda Goodman aka (Amanda B. Goodman) Amanda Goodman's You only die once

Writer: Amanda Goodman

Release Date:

May 13, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Short


You Only Die Once tells the tale of 3 childhood best friends and vampire hunters whose friendship is called into question when one of their boyfriends becomes a vamp-bride craving, Count Dracula voice mimicking, messy blood-sucker! It’s Buffy meets Hammer Horror and more in this Amanda B. Goodman horror/comedy short!


Amanda Goodman, creator for “You Only  Die Once” certainly throws a curveball with her Comedy, Horror short film.

The plot is straightforward. The viewer finds Linda (Teegan Leah Curtiz) discovering a shocking revelation, her boyfriend, Lee (John DeSilvestri) is a vampire.

Linda however, is not surprised. This isn’t the first time she’s had a psychopathic boyfriend.

Linda and her friends: 

band together to put an end to the vampire once and for all. Amanda Goodman's You only die oncePros:

“You Only Die Once” is shockingly funny. The dialogue is composed with nonstop jokes and hilarious metaphors. The film draws you in on a comedic pitch and keeps you entertained. The storyline is simple yet well structured and creates a world of its own. In a sense, it redefines the Vampire-Horror subculture with a fresh approach.


Amanda Goodman puts most of the aspect of the film towards comedy. “You Only  Die Once” abandons critical pieces of the puzzle needed to make it whole. The practical effects and special effects are insanely flashy and cheesy. For example, the “kill” scenes are so unrealistic, it’s quite ridiculous. The acting borders on mediocre. 

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