American Conjuring Visits Common Hauntings

American Conjuring Film Details

Original Title: Bind

Director(s) Dan Walton, Dan Zachary Bind aka American Conjuring

Dan Walton

Dan Zachary


Ken King (screenplay)

Dan Walton (story and characters)

Release Date: 6th of September 2016 (USA)

Release Format: Video On Demand

MPAA Rating:  N/A

Genre:  Supernatural Horror

Running Time: 1h 26min


A family move into an abandoned orphanage and they soon learn that their charming orphanage has a disturbing history and is convinced they aren’t alone.


American Conjuring is the latest entry to the supernatural horror genre. Dan Walton and Ken King collaborated on the script. The story follows the basic premise of the haunted house theme. A caucasian family of four moves into a derelict home with a secret past. Little do they know therein lie a restless spirit, a long time resident in the home.

This is a much-anticipated film, one that had lingered on this critic’s must watch list for quite some time. The story is haunting and if delivered as a graphic novel or a novel is has the trappings for a best seller. How does this typical script translate to the screen?


American Conjuring showcases amazing practical effects. As a horror enthusiast, there is a grand appreciation for this medium. Blood and carnage do not dominate Walton and Zachary’s film. Yet, when used the practical effects enhance the scene with it’s subtle goriness.

The performance from each child actor in this production is praiseworthyThey each offered a composed method toward their given role. The opening scene in Act I lasts but a few minutes. In the allotted time the young actresses showcased their abilities. Contained in the opening sequence is a grim sense of realism.


The performances from the adult cast were the downfall to Walton and Zachary’s production. Excluded from the factors presented below are the child actors. The interaction and on-screen chemistry are best described as B-film quality. The poor dialogue exchange is further compounded by emotionless delivery.

One-dimensional acting takes center stage in this filmExhibitions of fear, anger, and dread lack persuasive impact. The unconvincing performances subtract the value to Walton and Zachary’s Horror film.

Another problem stems from the lack of adequate, consistent narrative. This error may not fall on Ken King’s screenplay. Perhaps it was a misinterpretation from script to screen. For instance, the wife voices her paranormal experiences. She suspects something to be amiss in the home. The husband plays the role of skeptic, dismissing her claim of a supernatural presence. Later, the husband encounters a frightening experience of his own. In this scene, the wife now becomes the dismissive skeptic.

The defining spotlight will have to be the makeup employed for the sinister entity. Therein lies the problem. With the female ghost in American Conjuring,  astute viewers will find a familiar likeness. The entity in Walton and Zachary’s film bears a striking resemblance to a concept featured in Mike Mendez’s 2006 supernatural horror film.

Rating Score:  0-10 Avoid | 11-20 Mediocre | 21-30 Good | 31-40  Average | 41-50 Satisfactory | 51-60 Stunning | 61-70 Terrific | 71-80 Must See | 81-90 Amazing | 91-100 Impressive
80 %
30 %
Originality / Redefining
50 %
50 %
Practical Effects
80 %
Scare Factor
5 %
Special Effects
10 %
Viewing Experience
60 %
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