Angels Versus Zombies, Generic Title Hides Entertaining Gem

Angels Versus Zombies Film Details Emmanuel Saez Angels Versus Zombies Dark Patch

Original Title: Dark Patch

Director: Emmanuel Saez

Writer: Emmanuel Saez

Release Date: 29 March 2018 (USA)

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating:

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror

Running Time: 1 hour 4 minutes

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Synopsis: N/A


From ravaging infected victims to demonic possessions the zombie genre has had its proportion of re-imaginations over the decades. To elaborate I don’t regard the infected concept to be actual zombies, they’re not. Still, in recent years film directors have adopted rabid fast moving undead as a fresh menace to provoke fear.

Take for example Zack Snyder‘s 2004 remake of George Romero’s classic. One shining contributor to the updated zombie genre is the 2009 Action, Horror from directors;  Yannick Dahan and, Benjamin Rocher. What about demonic possessions applied in the zombie genre? Well, in 2007 Latino filmmakers  Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza established an unusual context on this description.

That leads us to this film review, Dark Patch, a film slated for US distribution and one which secured a generic title to Angels Versus Zombies. The significant point to note here is that the antagonizing force in this film is not your typical zombies, they’re infected. Emmanuel Saez Angels Versus Zombies Dark Patch
Elissa Houles and Philippe Coste in Angels Versus Zombies, Dark Patch (2018)


In terms of the cinematography, I’d have to mention the caliber exhibited in this visual narrative is notable. From the lighting to the camera work audience will appreciate the professional Angels Versus Zombies offers. Saez’s does not give a feel of a small budget production. Nor does his film portray aspects of unskilled direction. The cinematography work carries Saez’s film, in fact, it heightens it. Angels Versus Zombies becomes a surprise in this category, considering the film has a lower than low budget. Saez did not endanger his visual narrative on account of restricted funds. His creative decision separates artists from amateurs.

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Todd Bartoo, Emmanuel Saez Interviews -DecayMag Podcast S7 EP 3

Once again the distribution process changes the title to a film. Dark Patch fits Saez’s vision over the generic label now attached, Angels Versus Zombies. With that said, the action sequences presented in the film has a basic feel with its much too familiar scenes. The context, however, presents a distinctive quality with its apocalyptic and theological connotations. In place of carnivorous undead creatures are demonic entities, a dark patch that triggers primal violent actions. It was interesting to see another direction in the infection genre concept. Therefore, Angels Versus Zombies borders on redefining a genre. Whatever that genre is it certainly doesn’t fall under the zombie umbrella. Emmanuel Saez Angels Versus Zombies Dark Patch
Sonia Pérez in Angels Versus Zombies, Dark Patch (2018)

The copy of Angels Versus Zombies we got for this analysis was in French with English subtitles, this may or may not be the final product. It was obvious to determine the emotional delivery provided by each performer. The cast and their performances were adequate and entertaining. Although, there was room for more intense acting delivery. The scenes that lacked the impact were those during the action-heavy scenes. I discovered the portraits did not sink too much into the dreaded B-Movie aesthetic. For that, I appreciate the acting quality illustrated in Angels Versus Zombies. The dynamic may not garner prestigious acclaim but at least audiences will not groan at poor dialogue and/or on-screen interactions.

What about the infected casualties and the performances thereof? These exhibitions did not display the model slow moving ghouls approach. Yet, these creatures neglected to communicate any grasp of horror as experienced with those Olympic runner type zombies. What audiences will encounter in Angels Versus Zombies are entities that are sinister. The practical effects coupled with creative camerawork presented engaging on-screen creatures. Emmanuel Saez Angels Versus Zombies Dark Patch
Manuel Gonçalvesin Angels Versus Zombies, Dark Patch (2018)

I appreciated the narrative offered in Angels Versus Zombies. The concept had launched in Horror cinema several times before but this niche is small and new in the genre. Therefore, Saez’s perspective doesn’t establish itself as a stale concept. The spiritual context is interesting without it becoming too philosophical. The last thing audiences will want is a Horror film infused with Sunday scripture. For the personalities written into the plot, there was a grasp of cliché going on. The slate of protagonists were the commonplace priests coming to the rescue against the forces of evil. Their updated and macho-inspired attitude is a nice change but nothing to rile a surprising effect.

Angels Versus Zombies fails with the CGI effects. The quality exhibited was rough, almost amateurish but its expected considering the film budget or lack thereof. Yet, the practical effects were of a satisfactory level but minimal considering the theme of the film.

In Conclusion

Angels Versus Zombies has solid entertainment quality but the production demanded more intensity in its execution. In particular, more significance on action sequences would have made this film more appealing. The quality of the practical effects wasn’t terrible considering the small film budget. Compared to indie zombie films, I found the make-up effects to be above average. A major take away is the CGI but the interesting plot makes up for this supplement to the visuals Emmanuel Saez Angels Versus Zombies Dark Patch
Philippe Coste in Angels Versus Zombies, Dark Patch (2018)


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