Anthony Pierce’s Haunting at the Park Hotel Lacks Scares

 Anthony Pierce, Anthony Pierce A Haunting at the Park Hotel


Brett Donowho

Martin Wiley 

Anthony Pierce

Release Date: Available now

Release Format: Video 0n Demand 

MPAA Rating:  N/A

Genre: Horror


A documentary film crew attempt to shoot a paranormal web series in the most haunted hotel in the U.S. With the help of a Native-American medium, they perform an ancient ritual ceremony that unleashes spirits that the TV crew are simply not prepared for. One by one they are gradually taken over by evil that they have unleashed

Press Release


Anthony Pierce’s A Haunting at the Park Hotel is one of the uncanniest finds uncovered. First, there is no information on this film on Neither the directors nor the writers have A Haunting at the Park Hotel listed as a film credit. An oversight perhaps?

Veteran actor Tom Sizemore also stars in Pierce’s Horror film. Perhaps a reference to Sizemore’s IMDB profile would garner a positive result? A search also offered a negative conclusion.

An absence from the go-to source of film and television is questionable. An interesting creative process was used to create A Haunting at the Park Hotel. According to the press release, the film was constructed with unorthodox methods.

The concept for the film was shot in such a way that it appeared to be a one-take movie. The entire feature was shot over 10 days and in 12-minute sequences. The 12-minute sequences were then edited together to appear as if the film was shot consecutively.

Press Release Anthony Pierce Haunting At The Park Hotel

A Haunting at the Park Hotel is a found footage film that explores concepts of the supernatural. The techniques employed in creating this production merits deserving praise. Yet, how does the end product cement itself in the ever expanding Horror genre?


Audiences will find the acting of commendable value. The characters are believable. Each actor avoided not to fall into the amateurish trappings plaguing found footage films. Tom Sizemore offered a convincing portrayal and dominated every scene he appeared in. The latter should come to no surprise. Anthony Pierce Haunting At The Park Hotel


A Haunting at the Park Hotel is a blatant carbon copy of the found footage film; Grave Encounters. Released in 2011, the film in question is directed by Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz (The Vicious Brothers).

Absent in Anthony Pierce’s film is a presence of originality. Too many parallels bind Grave Encounters with A Haunting at the Park Hotel. One may argue that borrowing similarities are a common practice. Perhaps there is validation in that argument. Yet, the common elements are hard to detour from. A source of influence these scenes are not.

In Conclusion: 

A Haunting at the Park Hotel is rich with commendable acting. Yet, fails to provide an engaging innovative narrative.

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