Anti Matter Is Almost A Lewis Carrol Tale With A Glimpse Of Cronenberg

Anti -Matter Film Details Keir Burrows Anti Matter

Director: Keir Burrows

Writer: Keir Burrows

Release Date: September 8, 2017

Release Format: VOD & selected theaters

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Mystery / Sci-Fi

Running Time: 109 min


Ana, an Oxford Ph.D. student, finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole. The story follows her increasingly desperate efforts to understand what happened and to find out who – or what – is behind the rising horror in her life.

1. Overview: Keir Burrows Anti Matter

Writer-director Keir Burrows’ critically acclaimed sci-fi Anti Matter hits theaters and VOD this September from Uncork’d Entertainment.


Actors Yaiza Figueroa, Philippa Carson, and Noah Maxwell Clarke have already worked before with Keir Burrows on different projects. That empathy transpired on screen. Tom Barber-Duffy was the only lead that hasn’t worked with Burrows.
The story may be complex and difficult to follow with a lot of biological and technological terms and aspects provided on screen from the beginning we are not familiar with but if you survive the first 15 minutes I can promise you you’re in for a treat. Anti Matter matters and even though it has its flaws, I found it interesting.

2. Pros: Keir Burrows Anti Matter

Major props to the effort of bringing a low budget Sci-Fi that revolves around character development and amazing cinematography over abusive special effects. I say this but the special effects are superb, so don’t hope to see a low budget film with no effort, because you’ll be surprised. There’s so much love here for other Sci-Fi’s/Thrillers and director’s visions and ideas like The Fly from Cronenberg and Memento from Nolan. These two films are perfect and when you mix the two from teleportation, memory loss and investigation with a fresh new modern take on society, evolution, and technology, you’ll have Anti- Matter.

Performances are great all around especially from Philippa Carson as Liz, the intriguing one. The love chemistry between Ana and Nate isn’t the most interesting or realistic one but it doesn’t distract you from the purpose of the story. There are though some interesting moments throughout the film that Yaiza Figueroa’s performance shines during Ana’s moments with her mother.

There is an action sequence I found amazing, well shot and directed. It’s the scene when Ana gets attacked by a masked person at her apartment. It felt too much because that’s the only physical action we have on screen and Ana almost seems like a superhero or a spy. When you’re watching, it doesn’t matter that much but when you think about it, its kind of weird that the character has this ability. We’ll just say is adrenaline. Anyway, the sequence brings the rush you needed and keeps you on your toes watching it. Anti-Matter is worth a look, and it blew me away since I know it’s a low-budget Sci-Fi.

The cinematography and the score are on point as they work well together. I love electronic sounds and unfortunately, I was hoping for more moments where I could just watch a scene and listen to some introspective music for me to breathe between the sequences since the editing is rough and hard to follow.

3. Cons:

One of the best compliments I read online about the film is the editing and even though I understand it may feature edge-of-your-seat situation for the viewer, it didn’t at all for me… The editing is the weakest point in the film and it brought me some difficulty in viewing the film on its own. When you start the film you’re presented with a lot of elements you are not familiar with and you want to understand what is going on and what the film is about.

Burrows tries a lot during the first fifteen (15) minutes to explain why the characters work together to try a new experience and create wormholes through space and time. It wasn’t easy to stay aware of what the hell was going on since every single shot was shown and every single sequence had a lot of shots and cuts. I wonder if Burrows knows we shouldn’t need to be shown everything. Someone walking through a door, grabbing the doorknob, opening the door, walking in, door slamming shut… And since the story in Anti Matter is complex, ironically what would have eased the viewing was not telling that much on screen about the character’s actions but tell us what the subject of the film is. After the first half four, the editing goes slower and you have time to breathe, thankfully.

4. In Conclusion:

Great take on sci-fi and evolution but the editing makes it difficult to watch during the first fifteen minutes. Other than that, I must say for a first feature, Burrows shows much potential.

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