Apocalypse Rising, Weird Factor Adds To Remarkable Charm.

Apocalypse Rising Film Details DecayMag.com Apocalypse Rising Director: Richard Lowry Writer: Gregory P. Wolk

Director: Richard Lowry

Writer: Gregory P. Wolk

Release Date: 21st June 2018

Release Format: VOD and DVD

MPAA Rating: TV-MA

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour 23 Minutes


Mia is an extrasensory teenage girl living on the planet Rathe, a world besieged by the undead. After a violent last stand, Mia and her warrior friends escape their world in a spacecraft.


Apocalypse Rising is a genre-bending mix of fantasy, comedy, and sci-fi, with a hint of horror. A gifted young girl named Mia and her comrades escape their home planet, Rathe, during a devastating apocalypse. What they find when they arrive at planet Earth is that they must save the planet from the same fate. The group’s other interests involve procreating as much as possible, and killing the “zeds”, or zombies, who seek to inherit the Earth.


Apocalypse Rising was certainly not vanilla, or conventional. The year is 2097 and the DecayMag.com Apocalypse Rising Director: Richard Lowry Writer: Gregory P. Wolkproverbial poop has hit the fan. Mia is a small but mighty, gifted lady who loves her father. Unfortunately, he is killed by a traitor in the group that is supposed to flee the planet during this apocalypse.

With the guidance of her father’s dead head, they attempt to save their next planet- Earth- from the walking dead and evil forces. With this level of weirdness encompassing the plot, I found the film to be captivating, and it kept my attention throughout the entire film.

Many of the special effects in Apocalypse Rising were great, while some didn’t quite meet my standards, such as the head that Mia was carrying around (more corn syrup, please!). They certainly did well with what they had, though. The cinematography was absolutely pristine, in my opinion, with a great composition in practically every shot. Comedic relief was a huge part of Apocalypse Rising; however, some of the jokes wore themselves out towards the end.

Regardless, I found myself nearly choking on my Mountain Dew with laughter regularly.
Obviously, the “Giant” aka Shane Samples was the most interesting actor for his appearance alone, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that he isn’t just another interesting face- his performance in Apocalypse Rising was just as colossal as his muscular structure. I don’t feel that most of the characters were strong, aside from Mia, but I do feel that they all gave stellar performances. This is important because convincing actors can really make or break a film.

DecayMag.com Apocalypse Rising Director: Richard Lowry Writer: Gregory P. Wolk

In Conclusion:

Though Apocalypse Rising didn’t have a high scare factor, the gore factor was more than sufficient, and I enjoyed every disgusting moment with the presence of the Zeds. The acting, special effects, humor, and cinematography were all outstanding, and the “weird” factor only added to its remarkable charm. Give it a watch, on VOD or DVD, and see for yourself!


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