Arte Factum Delivers Interesting Tales, Production Subpar

Arte Factum Film Details Wages of Cine Films Arte Factum


Dan Beck (Apocalypse at the Seven Bowls Tavern and Nahash)

Duane Brown (Beacon)

Jonathan Cook (Miss Shiny)

Jeremy Garcia (Monstruo)

Stephen Gilliam (Krampusnacht)

Alex Green (Void)

Amanda Lynn Joyce (Frame of Reference)

Nick Laws (Guilt)

Patrick A. Prejusa (The Gift)

Joshua Seymour (Voomavil)

Jaye Starkes (Fractured)

Jeffery Watson (Digg)


Dan Beck (Apocalypse at the Seven Bowls Tavern and Nahash)

Duane Brown (Beacon)

Jonathan Cook (Miss Shiny)

Jeremy Garcia (Monstruo)

Stephen Gilliam (Krampusncacht)

Alex Green (Void)

Amanda Lynn Joyce (Frame of Reference)

Nick Laws (Guilt)

Patrick A. Prejusa (The Gift)

Joshua Seymour (Voomavil)

Jaye Starkes (Fractured)

Jeffery Watson (Digg)

Release Date:  7 January 2017 (USA) *IMDb

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Running Time: 157 minutes


Wages of Cine presents an anthology of twelve tales that transverse space and time following a mysterious object known as the “Arte Factum”.


Arte Factum presents a collection of twelve short films each contributing a shared narrative strand revolving around a powerful magical orb. The commodity, gold embellished with multicolored gems bears a comparable color palette to The Infinity Gauntlet. Similar to the course of developments over at Marvel films Wages Of Cine Films introduce several storylines that involve hunger, atonement, and misuse of a boundless force.

As an anthology, Arte Factum has a comic book feel with strong commentaries that emerge from each tale. Each presentation comprises the many virtues and weaknesses that make our species a menace to ourselves. The writers penned strong short stories with some carrying more strength over others. Arte Factum has a grasp of originality and with more refined techniques, this film could well redefine the genre of anthology based Wages of Cine Films Arte Factum

With the direction, each filmmaker presented an individual and a professional approach to displaying a visual storyline. Yet, sometimes, poor lighting, bad choices with the backdrop and its treatment as an essential character subtracted from the visual quality. All the shorts lacked a timbre of color to propel the observer into a specific mood setting. With the cohesive dull hues, each segment felt uniform instead of a distinctive appearance.

Two shorts presented in Arte Factum had included either CGI effects and/or creature design. These additions had an amateurish aesthetic and were not a welcoming part of the visual storyline. It would have been a stronger proposition to bypass the Halloween costume style and called in a skillful practical effects expert. It can state the same with the fire visual effects and aerial vehicles that appear to emerge from Blender.

Audiences will appreciate the complex slate of characters and their backstory. Yet, the actors interpreted the roles with less than outstanding methods. The dialogue and conversations lacked the passionate substance to convey a credible address. Wages of Cine Films Arte Factum

In conclusion

Arte Factum presents a satisfying viewing experience. The highlights are the narratives expressed in contrasting views. Audiences will acknowledge the degrees of conflict and tension each writer infused all while maintaining a cohesive account of one significant item.

The downfalls were the B-Movie quality of acting and entry-level special effects. The creature design also accomplished little to garner scares or even leave an indelible imprint. Overall, it is clear Arte Factum offers some fantastic talents with a bit of refinement in execution added sequels or installments would be a step above.


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