Atelophobia Chapter 2 Exerts Normalcy Over Provocative Horror Art

Atelophobia Chapter 2 Film Details Director:  Joe Lujan Writer: Joe Lujan Atelophobia Chapter 2

Original Title: Atelophobia: Throes of a Monarch (original title)

Director:  Joe Lujan

Writer: Joe Lujan

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 90 min

Social Networking: Facebook

Synopsis: Over


Overview: Director:  Joe Lujan Writer: Joe Lujan Atelophobia Chapter 2

What is torture porn? I find this term to be obsolete and most ridiculous. Graphic imagery once dominated the landscape of Horror cinema. Violence and exploitation were a staple during the sixties (60’s) seventies (70’s) and early eighties (80’s). Now if a director conjures up visuals rich in gore and violence his/her art form get branded with an idiotic label to describe its content.

With that said Atelophobia, released in 2014 has for its duration an artistic view of terror. Such eloquence went into the sadomasochistic theme that it went on to have great success in its film festival run. Below is a list of awards Joe Lujan’s film would receive in its circulation.

Atelophobia received an immediate follow-up, sequel titled Atelophobia: Throes of a Monarch which was later changed to Atelophobia Chapter 2. Let’s delve into the technical approaches featured with Lujan’s continued tale of corruption and envy.

Best Torture Porn Trailer
(Hollywood Dead Film Festival 2017)

Best Horror Feature (Honorable Mention)
(Upstate NY Horror Film Festival 2016)

Best Costumes
(Upstate NY Horror Film Festival 2016)

Best Real Trailer
(PollyGrind Film Festival 2014)

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Atelophobia Stage Typical Characters Against Powerful Imagery


Much as the first installment Lujan infuses gut-wrenching visuals and a visionary perspective on conveying suspense and terror. There is no question Lujan has a gifted eye when it concerns Horror constructs. Aiding Lujan’s conception is July Castillo as the cinematographer. Together they crafted some elaborate scenery, this shooting location had a life of its own. Each scene encapsulates a claustrophobic expression. Low key lighting and the inventive treatment of a fog machine gave personality to Lujan’s film. Audiences familiar with the initial chapter will find comfort in this extension of ambient gloom and doom. For newfound viewers, Atelophobia Chapter 2 will be a visual delight, an accommodating trek in genuine Horror filmmaking. Director:  Joe Lujan Writer: Joe Lujan Atelophobia Chapter 2

Comparing Atelophobia to its preceding chapter represents a correlation between homemade apple pies to the pastries found in bodegas. The sequel lacks every thought-provoking attitude of the first film. In particular, Atelophobia Chapter 2 had the convenience to migrate into an extensive social commentary.

This facet of the narrative did not make its return, how unfortunate. What about the script and how it renders to film? The overall tone of Atelophobia Chapter 2 feels rushed and rescinding of an intriguing narrative. Chapter 2 is a solid illustration of a sequel not reaching up to the specifications of the original.

The performances in Atelophobia remained limited with expressions of torment and terror. In Chapter 2 audiences will receive a better glimpse of acting skills from the cast. It is here that something felt off, the chemistry, the conversations, the receptions to the external conflict were null. Where was the concentration found in the first chapter of Atelophobia? Here a trio of males captives joins the initial roster of all-female hostages.

These new victims are where audiences will observe a scarcity of convincing portraits of terror. In Atelophobia Chapter 2, the brutality feels dialed down thus allowing a set for the performers to shine. Yet, from the viewpoint of this commentator, the Atelophobia cast did not take advantage of this opportunity. It is straightforward for many, in particular for the casual Horror viewer, that B-Movie acting lurks within Atelophobia Chapter 2.

The practical effects are a feature in Lujan’s second venture into the Atelophobia saga. I would have favored seeing more, blood, more guts, more violence or perhaps a complex psychological approach injected with violent content. As impressive as Chapter 2 is from a cinematic perspective it demanded more of the sadomasochism found in the original. Let’s not allude to resorting on the conventional frontier of snuff films. Suggested is a sense of depravity that encourages a journey of conversation and controversy. Let’s remain grounded in finesse and social commentary. For Atelophobia Chapter 2 there was a shortage of the gut-wrenching Horror art.

In Conclusion

The storyline bridging the original film to the second installment does not invoke an effective social commentary. Lujan designs a traditional Horror film as opposed to a provocative centerpiece/extension. The slate of characters loses their individual representation for a standard victim and aggressor relationship. I would have favored a distinct roster of characters coupled with a unique perception of subjects ripped from today’s media talking heads.

Atelophobia Chapter 2 has its pros in the technical execution. Composing, lighting, and cinematography are all feature contributors. With drama and performances, these sections feel rushed and standard. We hope, the third chapter to Atelophobia will not cave into the norm and instead venture into darker and analytical aspects of Horror.

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