Bad Batch, The. A stunning visual work Concerning Dread and Love DecayMag Premier Award in Film

Bad Batch, The. Earns DecayMag Premier award for stunning cinematography work.

Actress Suki Waterhouse and Actor Jason Momoa give excellent performances. 

Film Details 

Director and Writer: Ana Lily Amirpour

Release Date: June 23, 2017 Ana Lily Amirpour The Bad Batch

Release Format: Cinemas

MPAA Rating: R

Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi

Running Time:1 h 58 min


A dystopian love story in a Texas wasteland and set in a community of cannibals.



The Bad Batch, a gruesome yet beautiful film. It takes our fear of solitude and/or losing a limb or two to a level of self-reflection I didn’t know was possible. In Ana Lily Amirpour’s newest stunning visual work of art, we meet Arlen. Suki Waterhouse plays a young woman who has just been dumped to the wastelands of society and has to fend for herself in the unforgiving desert. Day one; Arlen is captured by cannibals and has her right arm and leg cut off. This does not stop her from going into survival mode. Arlen embarks on a journey of what will become her new life.

And shall I mention romance?

An undeniable chemistry between Arlen and Miami Man (Jason Momoa) spark the screen from the moment they come in contact. Without the need of much dialogue or physical contact, both characters become attracted to one another and please the heart. Ana Lily Amirpour The Bad Batch


The cinematography was the storyteller in this film.

From onset to climatic end The Bad Batch was visually stimulating and told the story with minimal dialogue. Natural shots of the dehydrated landscape illuminated by the clear blue skies brought vibrancy to the screen. The lighting in the night shots was perfectly lit with lasers and color gels carrying away the inhabitant’s desolate life. Camera angles worked in capturing emotions and the grit and gruesome daily life of those who were cannibals or victims.

Suki Waterhouse’s performance was groundbreaking when matched with Jason Momoa. Both characters told their story through expression and action. They had fluidity and understanding of being an outcast. A performance by Jim Carrey as a savior and picker of the desert was enjoyable. For a man who could not speak Jim Carrey brought comic relief to his true form. Ana Lily Amirpour The Bad Batch

The originality of the film was one of a kind. With its cinematography and plot the film carried visuals along scene by scene, and again with minimal dialogue, The Bad Batch is a new cult classic.

Ana Lily was not afraid to show depictions of what cannibalism could be if there was no source for food. Arlen’s amputation and the butcher shots of Miami Man made me want to throw up. Due to the camera work, the gore then became second nature. The effects were on point when Arlen’s amputation was shot. The starry sky where she meets Miami Man; it invited you to connect with them. Ana Lily Amirpour The Bad Batch


Keanu Reeves’ performance as The Dream wasn’t much of an impact to the story. It’s understood that he rules the sanctuary land of comfort and yet he is the only one living in comfort with his clan of pregnant bodyguards. I was expecting more but his position had a better understanding in the later half of the film.

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