Balloon, A Reimagining of Creepy Clown Mitchell Slan Balloon

Balloon Film Details

Director: Mitchell Slan

Writer: Mitchell Slan

Release Date: TBA

Release Format:

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 13 Minutes 43 Seconds


Penny and her therapist battle her phobia of balloons. However, it’s not the balloon itself… its the clown-like serial killer it represents.

Balloon Film Review


The pacing to Slan’s Horror short is its principal appeal. Balloon does not disintegrate into unnecessary plot twists. Presented within the allotted running time is a comprehensive story. Editing plays a significant function to the film’s rhythm. Credit extends to the editor for moving the film’s highlights to attention. Splicing the correct scenes into a fluid direction is an artistic process. Some indie Horror filmmakers overlook this technique. Yet, Balloon does not stumble in this negligence. The protagonist and story develop adequately in Act I. These elements would mature with a cohesive psychological direction. Mitchell Slan Balloon
Balloon Trailer Screenshot

In Balloon, the series of events settles on an exciting finale. Intricate transitions pair with clever camera work to build up the drama. The result leads up to this exciting end. For instance, the revealing scene presents a monologue describing a particular anxiety. Incorporated over the speech are clips of the fear-provoking object. This imaginative idea doesn’t imply the core problem it accentuates it. Slan also opts for off camera action to engage audience stimuli. This is a skillful employment that conjures imagination rather that blunt visual trauma. Mitchell Slan Balloon
Balloon Trailer Screenshot

The performances were exemplary, each actor performed the depictions with convincing expression. It is always intriguing to observe child actors participate in Horror films. Actress Angelique Wiesner steals the spotlight with her performance. In particular, Wiesner’s climactic scene with the adversary is stunning. With the latter, deviousness stresses creepiness. The clown although disposable possesses haunting material for future exploration.

Overall, the plot with its psychological technique has strong composition and personality. Balloon provides a captivating viewing experience that warrants an extension.

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The psychologist was the only part that seemed abandoned and out of place. How did the doctor come into association with the protagonist? Was the contact via a psychiatric hospital or appointed? Why the direction of radical treatment? More questions arise surrounding this character.

In conclusion

Mitchell Slan reformulates the approach of creepy clowns. His method of infusing psychological prose becomes unique and compelling. The developed characters have enough backstory to hold intrigue. The film has potential to become a favorite on the film festival circuit.

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  1. This film is so amazing!! Angie I am so excited to see the whole film! You go girl! And also all of the rest of the actors


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