Be Us Alienates The Viewer With Monologue, Be Us, Alex DiVincenzo

Be Us. Film Details

Director: Alex DiVincenzo

Writers: T.J. Frizzi and Alex DiVincenzo

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Sci-Fi/Thriller

Running Time: 6 mins



A man is interrogated after encountering an otherworldly being.



Be Us is produced by Lockbridge Productions, an indie production company founded by Alex DiVincenzo and Jordan Pacheco.

Be Us is a horror/sci-fi short film directed by DiVincenzo, whose previous work includes The Horrors of AutoCorrect, Cybershock 1999 and the 48 Hour Film Project winner Root of All Evil. T.J. Frizzi stars in the film, which he co-wrote with DiVincenzo. DiVincenzo then edited and scored Be Us and Pacheco created the special makeup, Be Us, Alex DiVincenzo


As simple as it may look, Be Us surprised me for being confident, authentic and fresh. It stars T.J. Frizzi who delivers a fascinating yet disturbing performance.

“Be Us presented an exciting challenge to pull off an engaging, dynamic piece entirely in a monologue…”

“T.J. Frizzi is one of my closest friends, and his performance – on which the entire movie hinges – exceeded my expectations.”

Alex DiVincenzo, Be Us Director, Co-Writer, Be Us, Alex DiVincenzo

I would doubtless say the same thing. It’s rough to compare to other shorts from the genre because it not what you may have seen before. It’s a filmmaking exercise about life, exposure, and vulnerability. If you’ve watched Annihilation – terrific film – you might find Be Us as a déjà vu segment inspired by it, but I assume it’s just a coincidence. Be Us keeps you on your toes and gives a forceful climax so you might forget that resemblance.

On a filmmaking aspect, Be Us is a bit restricted. I would’ve explored the visuals even further by filming the whole short in a single shot, opening with a wide shot focusing on Frizzi’s character and as the monologue keeps progressing, I would’ve zoomed in as subtle as possible so that at the end we would have a closeup with that powerful conclusion. That would’ve been ideal for me. I craved to be more in sync with the monologue as if Frizzi’s character was summoning me to the be with him on screen.

In Conclusion

Be Us brings a brand new world of filmmaking by bringing to light a one-man show on screen while delivering a magnificent monologue. It’s not for everybody I must say, but since it’s hardly six minutes long, it should be flexible to watch and to give it a shot. I would watch it lights out and alone. It’s creepy in its own graceful way and may stick with you for a while… Definitely worth checking, Be Us, Alex DiVincenzo


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