Midnight Workout. Vampires Get Physical IN Horror Short

Midnight Workout Film Details DecayMag.com Beau Yotty, Midnight Workout

Director: Beau Yotty

Writer: Beau Yotty

Release Date: October 29, 2017

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Horror

Running Time: 8 min 50 sec

Social Networking: N/A


A late night workout is interrupted by a creature who is hungry for more than grilled chicken and a protein shake. An homage to the 80’s classic monster movies, particularly vampire enthusiasts.



Midnight Workout is written and directed by Beau Yotty released on October 29, 2017. Produced by Lone Gunslinger Pictures. It serves as an introduction to a series of short films featuring the character Don Slayer, portrayed by Yotty.

This introductory short production centers Don Slayer. He is in a late night workout session when he senses he is being watched or he is not the only one in the gym. He soon finds out that his feelings are valid, as he’s approached by a mysterious woman, whose intention is to make him her midnight snack. Midnight Workout is a refreshing take on the concept of Vampires.

The Cast Includes

Beau Yotty – Don Slayer

Kelley Anne – Vampiress

DecayMag.com Beau Yotty, Midnight Workout


Midnight Workout is the introductory film that will feature a whole series and will pay homage to the 80’s classic monster movies, more so Vampires. It revolves around a new character by the name of Don Slayer, who is a vampire slayer. In this pilot short, Don Slayer encounters his first creature of the night, Vampiress. Whether this character will be a returning character is unknown. However, based on how the film progresses, she is just the first of many characters.

The cinematography has a dark and surreal vibe, which is a great technique considering how the production plays out. This parallel with the background score. Most of the film has minimal dialogue which only a peak at key moments. This counts as a small percentage. The rest of the film is acting and a dramatic theatrical score. This works in the film’s favor to build intensity.

DecayMag.com Beau Votty, Midnight Workout

Kelley Anne puts on a great performance as she maintains the dark and mysterious demeanor of a vampire. The Vampiress character, compared to older characters, is refreshing. Keeping in mind such characters as the vampires in Robert Rodriguez’s film; From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) and Patrick Lussier’s Dracula 2000 (2000).

Women vampires in this light shown in sexual ways with risque wardrobes; some with minimal clothing. Considering even more dated vampire films such as Terrence Fisher’s film; The Brides of Dracula (1960), you note the drastic transformation of the female vampire.

Yotty’s Vampiress looks to favor the more dated female vampire without going too old school, and still keeping her modern. The Vampress’ character is beautiful, seductive, manipulative, and deadly. Her wardrobe mimics her character.

Yotty plays a great modern day vampire slayer. This is an innovative twist as Yotty introduces a whole new point-of-view in the genre. Don Slayer strikes you as an average, everyday man upon first sight. The conclusion of the film he makes a transitional formation. With the same thinking as the Vampiress, Don Slayer does not conform to what seems to be the traditional vampire or vampire slayer as shown in films of similar concepts. This I did not see coming, however, it eases in well with the film.

Now, there’s this question on whether he is a hybrid of some sort; half human, half vampire. This could also be a misconception at the end of the film, as when he grins, I thought there were vampire teeth there.

DecayMag.com Beau Votty, Midnight Workout

Let’s take into consideration, Stephen Sommers‘ Van Helsing (2004), Stephen Norrington‘s Blade (1998). Hugh Hackman stars the lead role as Van Helsing. Wesley Snipes stars the lead role as Blade. Both are vampire slayers, and their wardrobes are similar in comparison. All back wardrobe comprising long trench coats. Hackman achieves a more Victorian era look while Snipes takes on a Martial Arts look.

You can see the drastic wardrobe transformation with Don Slayer in Yotty’s production, where he gains simple gym wear. No extraordinary weapons were seen, such as guns, swords, blades, and stakes as you would see in the aforementioned films. The only “weapon” Don Slayer uses may be his hands. This is a speculation as this isn’t shown in the film. When the Vampiress approaches Don Slayer and hisses at him, what happens from there’s blacked out. When the film fades in again, you see Don Slayer is still alive, and the Vampiress vanished.

This is a great ploy to keep the audience guessing and speculating on what happened here. Likewise, it serves as a frustration because all they can be are accusations and not a genuine analysis. Considering this is just the pilot of a whole series, waiting for the other episodes to follow will build up anticipation and excitement in the audience. Not only for progression of Don Slayer’s character but also, a recap or a backstory to the Vampiress character.

In Conclusion

Midnight Workout is a great pilot to a series. The character of Don Slayer has potential to take his place among some iconic characters such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as I see him falling in the same overall concept. Frank Ruben Kuzui‘s Buffy also takes on the characteristic of a normal, everyday person, who leads a normal life with a secret life as a vampire slayer. I see this same generalization in Yotty’s Don Slayer, and it is refreshing. I cannot wait to see how this series progresses.


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