Becky Carmichael Fan Club Reflects Cyber Bullying Horrors


Becky Carmichael Fan Club, The: Great Concept, Cinematography, and Score.

Becky Carmichael Fan Club, The: Film Details, Andrew J.D. Robinson, The Becky Carmichael Fan Club

Director: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Writer: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Release Date: September 10, 2018

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Thriller

Running Time: 33 min, 40 sec


After Becky receives countless friend requests from complete strangers, she’s realizing something bad has happened to her but she doesn’t know what yet.

On YouTube

The Cast

Gabrielle Banville……Becky

Tristan McIntosh……Jesse

Maissa Houri-Charron……Amber



The Becky Carmichael Fan Club is a Short, Drama, Thriller that centers on Becky Carmichael, who was once a popular musician, however, her personal life has taken a dramatic turn which has affected her musical career. After a strange encounter with a mysterious man, Becky becomes the target of Cyberbullying, and she learns that she is being exploited in perverse, Andrew J.D. Robinson, The Becky Carmichael Fan Club


The Becky Carmichael Fan Club targets an issue that can be real life Horror; Cyberbullying. Many people have been, and are, a victim to this. This concept is also becoming popular in Horror cinema as filmmakers are using real-life scenarios to home in on audiences. Another big area being mental disorders and phobias. Becky becomes the victim in several ways.

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For one, her and her brother, Jesse, struggles from a neglectful and abusive family life. This has taken a major toll on her and her musical career and has forced her out of the limelight. Two, she becomes a target of exploitation as she learns that pictures she had once taken that’s confidential, uploaded to social media and other sites. Three, this caused her to become a victim to Cyberbullying as she’s bombarded with insults and threats from random people. Four, she becomes a victim of stalking and harassment as she’s approached by a stranger who claims they had once had relations and he was acting on what he thought she wanted. Five, she becomes a victim of deceit as she learns a disturbing fact about, Andrew J.D. Robinson, The Becky Carmichael Fan Club

This whirlwind of disturbing events happen over the duration of around thirty minutes and is psychological overload; in a good way. To accompany this rude awakening, Andrew J.D. Robinson invests in the beautiful cinematography of grey and black and sepia color tones, giving it the vibe of a visceral film. The background music with this production is parallel with dark and depressing selections that are just right for the tone and setting, giving the film an intimate and emotional viewing, Andrew J.D. Robinson, The Becky Carmichael Fan Club

In Conclusion

The Becky Carmichael Club hits a powerful note with interlocking themes that are a real-life horror for many. A deep storyline that can develop a little further, in Becky and Jesse’s backgrounds. This accompanied by beautiful visceral photography and depressing musical, Andrew J.D. Robinson, The Becky Carmichael Fan Club


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