Better Off Zed: Interesting Concept With Great Practical Effects

Better Off Zed: Film Details, Travis Stevens, Amy Tofte, Better Off Zed

Director: Travis Stevens

Writer: Amy Tofte

Release Date: October 5, 2018

Release Format: DVD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror

Running Time: 1 hr 28 min

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What if the apocalypse came… and you were happy about it?

Logline: A lazy thirty-something is happy to sit out the zombie apocalypse in his fortified suburban abode, until his wife acts on a more pragmatic strategy for survival, forcing him to become the zombie killer he was trying to avoid.


Better Off Zed follows married couple Paige and Guy, who has found a means to survive during the zombie apocalypse. Guy has made this new life Utopia while Paige is struggling to adapt. Soon, the zombies become the least of their worries as they battle each other for rationale., Travis Stevens, Amy Tofte, Better Off Zed


Better Off Zed gives a different perspective on life during a Zombie Apocalypse that is amusing without avoiding the serious matters at hand. Most Zombie Apocalypse films show the serious and dark side. With films such as Sang-ho Yeon‘s Train To Busan and Danny Boyle‘s 28 Days Later. Even the grim, but amusing films such as Ruben Fleischer‘s Zombieland and Edgar Wright‘s Shaun Of The DeadBetter Off Zed sits in the center of the spectrum with a delicate balance of both sides of the, Travis Stevens, Amy Tofte, Better Off Zed

Paige and Guy’s strained relationship is a great perspective of all relationships that hit that rough point in life where two romantic partners love each other but struggle to like each other. Stevens touches on this concept and doesn’t wander into that cliche pitfall as many films do. Likewise, Woods and Sibley adapt to their roles in parallel quality, giving an entertaining performance. Their battle between the zombies and each other is amusing. In a personal and serious tone, the overall scenario sheds light that many problems can be worse.

Comedy-Horror films are hit-or-miss in terms of the Practical and Special Effects quality. Better Off Zed hits right on the mark of the makeup effects of the zombies. The movie takes a minute to get going as Paige and Guy takes each day in stride. When the action starts, there is enough violence for a decent level of entertainment. By the same token, it limits these series of events to within the couple’s home and yard with only a handful of zombies seen. The viewer doesn’t get to see the rest of the city, town, or community to represent a full Zombie, Travis Stevens, Amy Tofte, Better Off Zed

In Conclusion

Better Off Zed takes a minute to get going, but the concept and storyline are decent quality, balancing the dark and humorous side of life during the Zombie Apocalypse. The practical and special effects are of great quality. Overall, the viewing experience is entertaining., Travis Stevens, Amy Tofte, Better Off Zed


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